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We had a busy week on the campaign trail, so let’s jump right in.

Official Democratic Statewide Ticket


Congressman Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan is ready to cut workers in on the deal. In Congress, Tim has fought for working families in his district and across the country — opposing unfair trade deals that would ship jobs overseas, pushing to raise wages, and working to protect the promise of a secure retirement by strengthening Medicare and Social Security. In the Senate, he will fight to raise wages, make healthcare more affordable, invest in education, rebuild our public infrastructure, and revitalize manufacturing so we can make things in Ohio again.


 Mayor Nan Whaley and Councilwoman Cheryl Stephens

When Nan was first elected Mayor in 2013, Dayton was at a low point. The factories had moved out and the opioids had moved in. But in Dayton, folks don’t run away from their problems. 

Under her leadership, Dayton has turned a corner. She brought folks together to take on the community’s toughest challenges, including tackling the opioid crisis, cutting overdose deaths by half and saving hundreds of lives. She led the fight to take on a broken education system and provide quality pre-k to every three- and four-year-old in the city. Dayton has become vibrant again as new people and businesses move into the city.

Cheryl Stephens is Cuyahoga County’s 10th District Councilmember, where she focuses on improving county services and increasing investment in local small businesses. Cheryl has previously served the residents of Cleveland Heights as a Councilmember and Mayor. Cheryl and Nan firmly believe that the American Dream should be within reach for all Ohioans. That’s why Cheryl has made building affordable housing and creating safe and healthy neighborhoods the focus of her career.  


Representative Jeff Crossman

As Ohio Attorney General, Jeff Crossman will bring a tenacious attitude, dedication to hard work and shared purpose to get Ohio back on track.

As a State Representative, he introduced bills to fight the culture of corruption in Columbus, and voted against gerrymandered maps that deny voters the right to hold politicians accountable. 

Jeff Crossman is an active member of his community. He provides certain legal counsel pro bono and has worked to fight hunger as a volunteer and board member of the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland. Jeff is the former Vice President of Hunger Network’s Board of Trustees.


Councilwoman Chelsea Clark

Chelsea Clark is running to be Ohio’s Secretary of State because our democracy is under attack and she will fight to make sure that we all have access to vote, that all votes are counted, and that our elections are safe and secure. She was elected to Forest Park City Council and led the minority business outreach program, bringing dozens of jobs to the city while also encouraging business accelerators to locate and spur entrepreneurship. She is determined to cut red tape and support small businesses trying to create jobs in Ohio.


Auditor Taylor Sappington

Taylor Sappington is running to balance the books, and when necessary, catch the crooks. When Sappington became City Auditor, Nelsonville was in the red, teetering on financial disaster. Deficits were killing jobs and stopping the city from growing. On day one, Sappington found financial records and emails were illegally wiped, beginning my investigation into what would become the City’s largest theft and fraud bust ever, just 8 weeks on the job. Today, Nelsonville is in the black with a $1 million surplus and the community is growing stronger everyday.


Mayor Scott Schertzer

Scott Schertzer is running because you deserve a State Treasurer who will watch over every dollar invested by the state and pinch every penny.

Before becoming Mayor of Marion, Schertzer worked in public service for the legendary State Treasurer of Ohio, and later the United States, Mary Ellen Withrow, who also grew up in Marion. 

Over 15 years Schertzer was elected Mayor four times, helped lead Marion through the Great Recession, the opioid epidemic that devastated small towns across the state, and now the COVID-19 epidemic. 


Justice Jennifer Brunner

Justice Jennifer Brunner is the 162nd Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. She seeks to be Ohio’s 11th Chief Justice, a separate seat on the state’s highest court. Justice Brunner was awarded the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in 2008 for her service to Ohio as its first female Secretary of State.


Judge Terri Jamison

Judge Jamison is running for Ohio Supreme Court to help restore public trust in our legal system. She was elected to the Tenth District Court of Appeals with a long record of proudly serving her community. She understands rulings from the Ohio Supreme Court impact our day-to-day lives. Jamison is dedicated to making equal justice under the law a reality for all Ohioans.


Judge Marilyn Zayas

Judge Marilyn Zayas is ready to bring integrity, independence and common sense to Ohio’s highest court. Prior to joining the Court of Appeals, she served the community as an attorney for nearly 20 years. Judge Zayas has worked in a large law firm and for Hamilton County. She has litigated in both state and federal courts, and has run her own law practice. Judge Zayas’ law practice was built on her reputation for providing honest and zealous representation, and on the intricate cases she successfully navigated. It is now her priority to ensure that every case is properly heard, and the law is applied with balance and consistency.

The General Election Starts Now

Please chip in here to help us win up and down the ticket.

Fight with OH Dems!

Women’s Health

Everything’s at stake this November — especially access to safe and legal abortion. We understand that it might feel hopeless, and that you might want to take action. Here are two very tangible and important things you can do in Ohio by volunteering, providing financial support, or simply sharing their platforms with your friends and family: 

Help elect Nan Whaley in November to be Ohio’s Governor. Sign up to volunteer here, sign up to contribute here.

With your help, we can win a majority on the Ohio Supreme Court. Help elect Justice Brunner to be Chief Justice, and Judges Marilyn Zayas, and Terri Jamison to the Ohio Supreme Court. The Ohio Supreme Court could be the backstop to fighting attacks on abortion and reproductive rights in Ohio if Republican’s succeed in passing unjust laws. 

Sign up here to help Democrats up and down the ticket by volunteering with the Ohio Coordinated Campaign.

Volunteer Here

JD Vance wins Republican Nomination, Remains Total Fraud

JD Vance is a phony and a fraud. And Tim Ryan is going to make sure every Ohioan knows it. 

Immediately following Vance’s primary win, the Ryan campaign released the following ad: 

We can’t let JD anywhere near the US Senate. Please consider contributing as much as you feel comfortable to help us fight back. 

Flavor of the Week from Allison Russo

We asked Democratic House Leader Allison Russo about her favorite Ohio ice cream and here’s what she said…

“Jeni’s Brambleberry Crisp. The owner, Jeni Britton Bauer, grew up in Upper Arlington and is my constituent, so I’m very loyal to the brand, their company philosophy, and commitment to our Central Ohio community.”

Allison Russo is for the people and the ice cream they make. Learn more about Allison Russo and the Ohio House Dems.

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Until Next Week

We are just 6 months away from Election Day. 

We have a lot of work to do to get more field organizers on the ground in every corner of the state. We have offices to open, phones banks to hold, canvasses to launch, and of course – thousands of unregistered Democrats to register by Election Day. To do this, we need your help and we need it now. Please consider contributing as much as you can to help build the infrastructure needed to win.

If you’re unsure about how much you can still contribute to help us win in November and beyond, simply reply to this email. My team will respond with what you can still do to help us grow the team.

As always, thank you for standing with us. We are so grateful for your incredible support.

I hope to see you out on the campaign trail,

Tommy Greene
Ice Cream Connoisseur and ODP Senior Advisor 

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