Your Resistance Newsletter 8-2-2020

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Indivisible St Johns Newsletter Aug 2, 2020


WEEK OF AUG. 2, 2020




Anastasia Mosquito Control District — Seat 5

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Anastasia Mosquito Control District –Seat 3

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We need the post office!  Sign the petition, and, better yet, write and/or call your senators:  Sen. Marco Rubio 202-224-3041

Sen Rick Scott  202-224-5274

We aim to stop this toll road debacle in its tracks by (1) delegitimizing the task force process and exposing it for the sham that it is, (2) lobbying task force members to get a “no build” recommendation, and (3) demonstrating the widespread public opposition to the proposed toll roads  Sign here

This is an ongoing effort–even if you’ve written once, keep it up and keep up the pressure!

Anna Eskamani

Florida Legislature 101

Anna Eskamani Florida Legislature 101–if you missed it on Zoom, here is a link to the workshop on her FB page.  She includes an explanation of how a bill is proposed and if/when it comes up for a vote in the Senate or House.  The time when constituents can have the most influence is when the bill is in committees, which occurs before the official start of the legislative session.  If you know little about how the State legislature works, this is an excellent place to start!  Here is the powerpoint by itself.
You can RSVP for her 2nd EskaSession workshop Public Budgeting 101 on Thursday, August 6th at She will be discussing financing at both the state and local level so you can learn about where the dollars in our communities go and how you can hold these processes accountable wherever you are.

It would indeed be helpful if our own state representatives were this proactive!

REMEMBER TO WRITE–and mail in October !

A Note About COVID 19
In light of COVID-19, Vote Forward encourages our community to prioritize taking care of yourselves, loved ones, and neighbors.  Your health is our top priority.  If you’d also like to help people vote safely, writing letters now is a simple, effective way to volunteer form the comfort and safety of your home.We also recognize the uncertainty surrounding the election process right now, including how people will vote this year.  One thing is certain though:  it’s critical that they do so.  Whatever method Americans use to safely vote this year, receiving a handwritten Vote Forward letter will make them more likely to cast a ballot.  You can find detailed answers to common questions about our response to the pandemic on our COVID-19 FAQ page.   Adopt voters HERE.

We’re committed to supporting our groups as they work to build our movement and advance our shared priorities. And with our distributed match starting July 27 and the next round of grant applications rolling in right now, we need your help to do it. Can you donate $10 today so we can keep our group support programs running and fund all our work this year?


As always, we love to hear from you! Drop us a line that you are safe and healthy. Let us know if you need anything!


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