Rob Goldstein


Rosa Parks and the Power of No

In 1900, Montgomery, Alabama. passed a city ordinance for the purpose of segregating bus passengers by race. Conductors had the power to assign seats to carry out that purpose; however, no passengers


The Man Who Forgot He Doesn’t Exist

Author’s Note: The most horrific aspect of child abuse is that it often takes place in an institution or a community that doesn’t care or doesn’t want to bother. The adults often


This Relationship Is Killing Us

When we elect a President, we expect him to treat his power with humility and respect. We expect him to be an American President. What we have instead is a selfish, gaslighting


Trauma in a Culture of Abuse

In late November, I planned a short break from my blog to focus on Trump's Impeachment. I listened in shock as witnesses like Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified to crimes that included threats


One Nation, Under Attack

Information warfare became a hot topic in the United States shortly after Trump took office, but as a concept, it is hard to understand. How can people in Moscow or Vietnam use