#Politics: The 10 (or More) Top Reasons I Stand with Joe Biden

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Trump and his Flying Monkeys are branding average Americans as radical left-wing extremists. Therefore, I must state what I stand for:

I stand for the principle that all people are equal before the law.

I stand for our right as Americans to have a president who treats us with dignity and respect.

I stand for our centuries-long commitment to building a more perfect union.

I stand for our military and its right to a commander in chief who is worthy of respect.

I stand for healthy children who have plenty to eat and safe schools.

I stand for investing in our future with a fully funded system of public education.

I stand for science over superstition, fact over opinion, and reason over violence.

I stand for a government based on compassion, one that works for all of us.

I stand for American democracy, our NATO allies, the Paris accord, and the rule of law.

Therefore I stand with Joe Biden, not because I am a Democrat or a Progressive; I stand with Joe Biden because, as a citizen of a great democracy, I want a president who knows I am somebody, that my life matters, that my voice counts.

If you #StandWithJoeBiden and have the time to help get out the vote, please consider doing so. To learn more about how you can help get the vote out in your state and others, please visit DemCastUSA.

Or click here: Six Weeks to Go–Actions You Can Take to Win the Election.

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