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Black Lives Matter.

We support the progressive partners throughout America who are lifting up the call for change, and now is the time to come together and commit to the steps we must take for our families, friends, and neighbors.

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March Progress Post: Women’s History Month Edition

March 2022 Edition: Women’s History Month What’s New:🚀 Program Launches📰 Text Troop Candidates Making Headlines🏳️‍🌈 Phone Bank for the Equality Act❓ Trivia Question of the Month🎉 WE’VE GOT TEXTING! 🎉 On March 28th, we


February Progress Post: Celebrating Black History

February 2022 Edition: Black History MonthThis month we remember the history and celebrate the achievements of African Americans in the United States. Since its inception in 1976, February has served as a


We Need Your Feedback 

Hi Friends, We have accomplished so much, from texting in the GA runoffs in January to sending over 1 million texts to help folks get their COVID-19 vaccines. Thank you for another

black woman texting message on smartphone at table with computer

Help Us Vaccinate NOW!

Start texting now » Hi Friends, because of you we have vaccinated over 100 people in one day. You are not only helping save lives– but protect loved ones across Wisconsin.  We need


pumpkin pies are here……..

(Pumpkin Pie Edition) Hello Text Troopers 🙂Unlimited pumpkin pie is just around the corner… >:) November is the month of gratitude, and no one is more thankful than we are for having such


Spooky, Scary Skeletons…

(Spooky Edition) Hello Text Troopers 🙂The month of October is upon us, bringing with it spooky vibes and pumpkin chais.  Happy birthday to all the Libras out there!  Staff has been blown


Virginia is Next

Congratulations to all of our volunteers who worked tirelessly to #StopTheRepublicanRecall in California! We didn’t just win––we won in a landslide.  Now, it’s on us to keep up this momentum––it’s time for us

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