January Progress Post: COVID Resources + Voting Rights Edition

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COVID Resources + Voting Rights Edition

Hi Friends,

2022 is officially here, bringing with it the start of another election year. With this new year comes new challenges in the continued fight for voting rights, as well as old challenges in accessing COVID-19 tests and assisting with vaccination outreach. But, Text Troop is up for the challenge, and we need your help, friend. 



 Resources for even better conversations 

Image: people sitting at a table with computers, text: best practices for online community outreach

Become a #VaxAmbassador

We have partnered with Made to Save to empower amazing volunteers like you to continue the conversation on COVID-19.

We highly recommend their #VaxAmbassador Best Practices for Digital Outreach training to learn how you can mobilize your online communities to end the COVID-19 pandemic. This training will help fine-tune those skills you have developed in our vaccine outreach texting programs. You’ll learn more about having meaningful conversations about the COVID-19 vaccines online, engaging your online communities, mis/disinformation about the vaccines, and more! These important conversations are a key way you can help end this pandemic.

Can we count on you to join us on Wednesday, January 26, at 7 PM ET? 
Sign up here:madetosave.us/vax-ambassador

*And don’t forget to let them know Open Progress sent you!

Image: Get your free COVID-19 Test Kits

Order Your Covid Test Kit! 

Looking for rapid tests? Now is your chance to order a kit of free COVID-19 rapid tests for your household. All tests will be mailed free of charge by the United States Postal Service.

Click here to order your tests right now



See the progress Text Troop is creating

Remember Bee Nguyen? We texted for her re-election in 2020 and she is now running for Secretary of State in GA! Nguyen is the first Vietnamese-American to be elected to serve in the Georgia House of Representatives. She currently holds Stacey Abrams’s former seat in the 89th district!

Screenshot of news article "We cannot outorganize a subversion of democracy"

Take Action:
The Freedom to Vote Act may not have passed the Senate but your voice can still be heard. Write your members of Congress today and let them know you still want to see them fight back voter suppression and support voting rights.

End of Year Survey! 
If you haven’t already, please fill out our end-of-year survey. This will help us make your Text Troop experience as enjoyable as possible!

Complete My Survey Now

Upcoming Texting: We will have an update on this very soon, keep an eye out.


See our Upcoming Program Calendar for regular updates!

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Text Troop Slack 


Trivia Time! 

In 1974, Democrats won their largest congressional majorities since the New Deal Coalition of the 1930’s. This class of legislators were named the “watergate babies,” since the victories were largely attributed to a backlash against Nixon’s Watergate scandal. How many of them are currently, as of January 2022, still serving in congress?

Last month’s Trivia: 

In 2020, the US had one of the highest turnout elections in history. The state with the individual highest turnout was 80%, and it also had the highest turnout % in 2016 and 2012. What state is it?

Answer:  Minnesota!

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