Spooky, Scary Skeletons…

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(Spooky Edition)

spooky, scary skeletons send shivers down your spine…

Hello Text Troopers ūüôāThe month of October is upon us, bringing with it spooky vibes and pumpkin chais.  Happy birthday to all the Libras out there!  Staff has been blown away at how quickly our texting has picked up, we can feel everyone’s energy.  Now enjoy the October Spooky Edition edition of The Progress Post… 

What’s New:
We will be hosting our annual Text Troop costume contests!  Please submit your entries anytime between Oct 15th – Oct 27th in our #community-corner channel on Slack.  Videos or pictures are both welcome.  Be sure to emoji your favorite costumes, we will take the top 3 costumes and host a final vote on the 28th.

Spectacular September:
During the month of September we sent over 350k texts for AG Mark Herring!  We were also able to ID tons of Virginia voters to learn more about their stances on abortion with our partner #VOTEPROCHOICE.  And of course, we continue to help get people vaccinated, with our most recent clinic, even offering booster shots to those who qualified. Great job everyone!!!!

Oh… lets not forget all the texting we did for Frank Ramirez for the Texas House special election run.  He has secured the Democratic nomination and will go on to the runoff against the Republican candidate, John Lujan. 

Upcoming Texting:

  • Monday Oct 18:Vax Together Austin | 10AM-10PM ET

See our Upcoming Program Calendar for regular updates!

Our Impact: 

Best Texts:

Kindness is always the answer ūüôā

Not the Declaration of Independence!

Trivia Time! 

In 2008, President Obama became the first Democratic candidate to carry Virginia in a federal election in decades. 

  1. Before Obama, who was the last Democratic candidate to carry Virginia in a presidential election?
  2. Before 2008, what year was the last time VA voted blue in a presidential election?
  3. President Obama‚Äôs ‚Äė08 victory was powered by his victory by flipping & running up the margins in 3 highly populated counties in the DC Metro. What are the names of these three counties?

September’s Trivia Question:True or False: Vermont has only ever elected 1 Democrat to the US Senate?

Answer: TRUE – Senator Pat Leahy, elected in 1980, is the only registered Democrat Vermont has ever elected to the US senate.

Take Action:

As some of you may know, some phone carriers are trying to put restrictions on P2P (peer-to-peer) texting, which can effect the ability of advocacy organizations to fight for positive change.

It‚Äôs CRITICAL that we let the decision-makers & regulators know how important P2P texting is to civic advocacy. Please take action below, and learn more at Let’s Talk 10DLC


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