Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) works to win state legislative seats and chambers for Democrats.

New Report Exposes GOP-led Voter Suppression

One of the most despicable voter suppression efforts in recent memory has just been exposed for the fraud that it is. In preparation for the upcoming elections, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state purged more than 300,000 citizens from the voter

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President-elect Biden’s Call to Action

Friends – With just weeks to go until the inauguration, President-elect Biden has a message for Democrats everywhere: “Now is where the real work begins.” It took years of organizing and infrastructure-building

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From the Bottom of My Heart, Thank You

Friends – For four difficult years under the Trump presidency, the future of our country was in peril. Just in the last year, our nation has dealt with a pandemic, a painful


Virginia Update

Friends – Every time a new president is inaugurated, all eyes turn to Virginia, whose odd-year elections have long been seen as a bellwether. Under Donald Trump, Democrats romped to victory in

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