A Once-in-a-Decade Opportunity

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Friends —

Democrats have a once-in-a-decade opportunity to re-enfranchise millions of Americans and ensure every voter has an equal voice in our nation.

For ten long years, Republicans have used gerrymandering to artificially hold onto power in key states — even against the will of the voters. They’ve used their majorities to advance anti-health care, anti-reproductive rights, and anti-education policies across the country.

But now, as we close in on 2021, Democrats have a crucial opportunity to erase many of the GOP’s rigged maps, creating fair maps that respect all voters’ voices.

Redistricting only happens once every decade — we can’t let this moment go to waste. That’s why we’re introducing our Fair Maps Fund to support the fight to end GOP gerrymandering and draw fair district maps for every American.

Donate now to our Fair Maps Fund to help elect and support state Democrats >>

When Republicans gerrymander congressional and legislative districts, they get to choose their voters. That’s not right OR democratic — voters should choose who represents them, not right-wing politicians.

It’s time that we stop Republicans from twisting our democratic institutions to suit their needs. Their underhanded schemes have no place in America. But Democrats need the grassroots power of thousands of supporters to help end GOP gerrymandering for good.

We need your support today: Chip in to our Fair Maps Fund now >>



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