Joe Biden Just Wrapped Up His Rally in Georgia. Now, Grassroots Democrats are Counting on Your Help!

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Friends —

Joe Biden just stepped off the stage in Georgia to rally support for the U.S. Senate runoffs, energizing Democrats like never before!

This is President-elect Biden’s first major campaign event since winning the presidency in November, and it comes at the perfect time; in-person early voting just started, and a tiny handful of early ballots could decide who will win these neck-and-neck races.

Joe Biden flipped Georgia blue for the first time in almost thirty years, so amplifying his presence in the state will be crucial to winning statewide again in just a few weeks.

Let’s make Joe Biden’s first major rally as president-elect a roaring success, Taylor: Help Democrats win the key races we need to accomplish a bold agenda and heal the soul of this nation.

Answer Joe Biden’s call: Split a donation right now between Stacey Abrams’s Fair Fight and the DLCC to win in Georgia and elect state Democrats everywhere >>


This is the first week of early voting in Georgia so President-elect Biden’s first visit to the state since November couldn’t come at a better time.

This event will help send Democratic voters to the polls and inspire hope across the state. We can win these two U.S. Senate races AND take back the Senate from Mitch McConnell’s clutches, if we move right now.

Joe Biden and Georgia Democrats are counting on a surge of grassroots energy to cross the finish line —let’s help deliver it.

Please split a donation RIGHT NOW to support Fair Fight’s efforts to mobilize voters and the DLCC’s campaign to elect state Democrats everywhere >>



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