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Supreme Court Rulings: A call to action

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It’s been a challenging few weeks. It’s been a challenging, exhausting few YEARS.



All of the above.

As parades are planned, as flags are hung, as fireworks light up the sky, as we are supposed to come together to celebrate our nation and the freedoms endowed to us, many are feeling adrift. How do we celebrate as we watch, helpless, as conservatives callously strip us of our rights? 

Our reproductive rights – knowing women will die; knowing so many others will have their entire futures dictated to them by a group hell-bent on controlling what we do with our own bodies and lives. Here’s a fact: In 2021, over 30,000 Michigan residents sought an abortion. 

Separation of church and state – knowing that on athletic fields, in locker rooms, and in classrooms, children will be pressured to conform to a religion that is not their own.

Our loved ones’ safety – with the Supreme Court’s ruling last month expanding gun rights. What about the children we love, and their right to be safe in their own schools?

Our environmental protections – and now, with the Supreme Court’s latest assault on this nation, our entire planet is at stake. New limits on regulatory authority rein in the government’s ability to fight climate change. If we do nothing, this ruling will lead to disastrous results for us, our children and future generations.

What do we do? For starters, we must elect Whitmer, Nessel and Benson. Every single election counts. Many of these issues will now be tackled at the state and county levels. Due to a fairer redistricting process, Dems have a chance to take the State Legislature. Our only recourse is to band together and fight.

There are SO many ways to connect with other progressives in this county. You can connect through WCDPs insightful monthly programs, held in conjunction with our general membership meeting. All are welcome to attend these on Zoom.

You can connect with our allies. Did you know that there are over 100 progressive organizations in the county working to protect all of our freedoms listed above? WCDP launched ACTION HUB, hosted on our website, to serve as a way to keep county residents informed, a push to action and a way to learn about our allied orgs doing incredible work. 

Working alone, we are but pebbles thrown into a huge sea. Each ripple counts but, together, those ripples can grow into a huge Blue Wave. 

Reach out and find your community, whether it be through WCDP or through another group.

You are not alone. 

Looking for a way to help?

Protect Reproductive Freedom for All!

Democrats believe that all women should have autonomy over their own bodies. This year, WCDP voted to endorse the proposal, “Reproductive Freedom for All”. Our members and allies have been working hard on collecting signatures to get this initiative on the ballot, and ensure abortions continue to be legal in Michigan.

Despite nearly 70% of our nation being in favor of protecting reproductive rights, conservatives on the Supreme Court overturned Roe versus Wade last week. More than 2.2 million people at risk of losing access to abortion in our state. But we can — and will — fight back!

Please find it and sign it. If you can, help collect signatures. The last day for signatures is July 11th!

 Find & Sign Reproductive Freedom For All 

County Commissioner Candidate Forum: WCDP hosts Democratic primary candidates for District 5

The board of county commissioners is the primary policy-making arm of county government. Commissioners make policies that affect virtually all aspects of community life, from road maintenance and repair to community mental health to crime policies to transportation. And yet, many voters aren’t aware of the candidates for the these important positions.

To help August 2 primary voters choose Democratic county commissioner candidates in District 5 (Ypsilanti and Augusta Townships), the Washtenaw County Democratic Party will host a Webinar on July 14 from 5 to 6 PM.

The candidates are Justin Hodge, Ronnie Peterson, and Latitia Sharp.

Justin Hodge is the current District 5 commissioner and a professor of social work at the University of Michigan.

Ronnie Peterson, a former county commissioner, is the state representative for the 54 th house district; he has been invited to this event but has not confirmed attendance.

Latitia Sharp is executive assistant to the county commissioner, currently on temporary assignment in the office of the Public Defender.

The panel discussion will allow the candidates to state their positions on issues of importance to county residents.

Residents can find their county districts here: https://gisappsecure.ewashtenaw.org/public/Districts/

Link to the Zoom event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82538738714

Promote the Vote!

We passed Promote the Vote with a huge majority in 2018. The new Promote the Vote 2022 goes farther – it guarantees, in the constitution:

  • Prohibits harassment of voters 
  • Allows for nine days of in-person early voting
  • Ensures that election audits can only be conducted by election officials 
  • Protects for local election funding and military ballots 

Here’s how you can help get these signatures. 

 Find & Sign Promote the Vote 2022 

Additional WCDP Special Forum:
There will also be a WCDP Special Forum for Candidates for the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners in District 2, as well as the candidates for the vacant District Court position in District 14A. Get to know your candidates for the August 2 primary election.

Wednesday, July 20 @ 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm

Come and get to know the Democratic candidates for the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners in District 2 as well the candidates for the District 14A District Court position. Democratic candidates in District 2:

Crystal Lyte, Vice Chair, WCDP Voice Committee; Chair, Eastern Washtenaw Democratic Club; Community Activist

Stephen Ranzini, President and CEO, University Bank, who has been invited but has not yet confirmed.14A District Court Candidates:

Fawn Armstrong, assistant prosecuting attorney with the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office and U.S. Army veteran

Karl Barr, assistant city attorney for Ypsilanti and private attorney for more than 22 years

Stuart Collis, Washtenaw County attorney with more than 25 years of litigating cases

Torchio Feaster, long-time defense attorney and public defender with years of experience representing members of the Washtenaw County community Zoom information.

When: July 20, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: District 2 Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners race and District 14A District Court candidates.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Michigan Secretary of State Dana Nessel will be the featured speaker at WCDP’s Garden Party this year! Help support the WCDP by attending this special event hosted by Anne and Chris Savage. Come see their beautiful organic garden, eat scrumptious, homemade food, and connect with fellow Democrats. The event takes place July 17 3-6pm. Tickets start at $100 and are available at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/gardenparty-2022.
Your WCDP is all-volunteer. Every dollar raised is used to keep voters informed and increase voter turnout.  The stakes are high in 2022, but with your support we can #FlipLansingBlue! Join us!

More Information: https://www.washtenawdems.org/featured-events/
Buy Tickets: 2022 WCDP Garden Party
Share Away: Facebook event

Can’t attend?  Sponsor a ticket for a guest who needs one!

 Get tickets for the Garden Party & Fundraiser! 

Raising funds for WCDP Voter Guide

WCDP’s popular Voter Guide provides information on candidates and proposals that Democrats support. In 2020, WCDP printed over 60,000 Voter Guides, which were walked to doors, mailed to less walkable areas, and distributed at events.

We also distributed the information digitally via the WCDP website and PDF versions. One initiative this year is to pilot a digital version that personalizes candidate information based on your address!

How many Voter Guides get produced is dependent on our fundraising effort. Donate to this valuable voter resource. Every dollar helps!

Signs & more at the A2 Farmer’s Market!

Whitmer Gilchrist Nessel Benson: $15
Black Lives Matter: $5
Whitmer Gilchrist on white: $10

Check or cash preferred. You can also pick up signs at the WCDP Ypsilanti office on Wednesdays, 5 to 7Saturdays, 11 to 3; and Sundays, 1 to 3.  Call ahead to check stock: 734-879-0556.

Bridge Michigan does the reporting a democracy needs with their MI ballot proposal tracker, explaining goals, major funders, & more.

ActionHub connects you to local groups who share our Democratic values. Take action today!

Final Word

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