Call to Spring 2022 WCDP General Membership Endorsement Meeting

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On Monday, April 25th at 6 p.m., the Washtenaw County Democratic Party (WCDP) will hold a special General Membership meeting to consider the endorsement of 2022 ballot proposals and various resolutions. The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom and requires pre-registration (see below.)

NOTE: At this meeting we will NOT be voting on endorsing candidates for office.

The specific ballot proposals we will consider will be sent to all registrants a few days in advance of the meeting as well as any resolutions that are received. Support of ballot proposals and any resolutions sent to attendees in advance of the meeting require a simple majority to pass. Those presented at the meeting only require a two-thirds (⅔) majority, per our bylaws.

If you have a resolution to be considered or if you wish to personally speak on behalf of a specific ballot proposal when it is presented, please contact WCDP Chair Chris Savage as soon as possible (email:, phone or text: 734-358-9276.) 

Article III Sections 3.2 Voting Privileges of the MDP Rules stipulate the following qualifications for candidacy and eligibility to vote:

[3.2.1.] In order to vote at any Convention, Caucus or meeting of any unit of the MDP at any level, a person must be a member of the MDP for at least thirty (30) days prior to that Convention, Caucus or meeting. A Party member must be a qualified and registered elector in order to vote on nominations for public office.

[3.2.2] Precinct delegates, Democratic elected officials and Democratic nominees to partisan offices are exempt from the thirty (30) day advance membership requirement. However, Precinct Delegates, Democratic elected officials and Democratic nominees to partisan offices must be a member of the MDP in order to vote at any Convention, Caucus or meeting of any unit of the MDP at any level. Former members of the MDP whose membership has lapsed in the thirty (30) days preceding any Convention, Caucus, or meeting of any unit of the MDP may renew their membership on the day of the Convention, Caucus, or meeting and shall be permitted to vote on that date. Convention, Caucus, or meeting.

This means that you will need to have been a member of the MDP by March 26, 2022 unless you meet the exemptions stated above. If you meet one of the exemptions, you will still need to prove you have become a member by the time of the meeting by forwarding an email receipt to Chris Savage. You can join the MDP or renew your membership at Contact Chris Savage if you are unsure of your membership status.

This event will be held via Zoom and requires pre-registration. To pre-register, go to

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