“You Cannot Talk to People Enough…”

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Mobilize the Midterms

Today I began my quest to eradicate Fox from my life and make sure they never get a dime from me.

I called AT&T to tell them why I wanted to terminate my DirectTV contract. A nice girl answered, and then something interesting happened. While she valiantly tried to keep me as a customer, I told her in no uncertain terms that I could no longer support a communications company that supported dangerous, anti-American propaganda. I told her as a veteran and retired journalist, I was ashamed of myself …

She said she didn’t watch Fox because “it wasn’t her cup of tea.”

I asked her if she subscribed to DirectTV, and she said, “Of course.”

I told her I understood, and that we were both guilty of supporting dangerous propaganda.

She said, “I never thought of it that way …”

I said, “Yeah … understand. Too many don’t.”

I told her there’s no Trump presidency without Fox. I told her hundreds of thousands of Americans died from COVID because of their misinformation.

She said, “Huh. Damn.”

I asked her where she lived. She told me Miami. I said, “Your governor is a lying blowhard. Mini-Trump. He’s dangerous as hell.”

She said, “You have no idea …”

I said, “He’s a Fox favorite. It’s where he spends a lot of his time spreading his racist filth.”

Now here’s where it got interesting … and concerning … and in the end … hopeful.

I asked if she was supporting Val Demings in this year’s Senate race to unseat Marco Rubio, a first-class putz and poser if there ever was one.

She said, “WHO?!”

I said Val Demings, congresswoman, total badass, cares for ALL Floridians.

She said “Never heard of her.”

I said, “Huh. Damn.”

She said, “I want to hear more about her, because I am in a group and we talk politics.”

I said, “Then start talking about Val Demings. I guarantee you she’s got your back.”

She said, “I will! Thank you!”

So a couple of things …

First, I canceled my DirecTV account.

Second, and most important: You cannot talk to people enough. You never know who’s listening. Could be Val Demings just got a few more votes … Maybe more …

Not everybody is as engaged as you are. Some people need a push. Some just need to talk.


So be a Johnny or a Jill Appleseed. Spread the good word. You never know what will take root.

And vote blue in 2022. Everything depends on it …

This article originally appeared as a Twitter thread.

Photo by Mirah Curzer on Unsplash

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D. Earl Stephens is a published author and finished up a 30-year career in journalism as the Managing Editor of Stars and Stripes

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