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Monthly County Party Meeting

We have a full agenda for Saturday’s Coconino Democratic Action Meeting! Plan to join us. 

Join Zoom Meeting at 10:00 am

AEL Looms

A relic from 1980 called the Aggregate Expenditure Limit looms over school districts throughout the state. Unless the legislature acts by March, Flagstaff Unified School District will lose over $12 million dollars. Williams will lose nearly $1 million. Grand Canyon Unified will lose over $630,000. Tuba City will lose over $2 million. Page Unified over $3 million.

Tomorrow, Mission for Arizona partners with Save Our Schools to host a one-hour Zoom event to get the word out about his emergency. Join the event from 4-5 pm Wednesday, Feb. 9, by signing up here.

New Precincts — New Organization!

Because the new Legislative District Map split our county in new ways, the Board of Supervisors adopted a new precinct map last week. Some old precincts were combined and some were split. The net effect is that we have five new precincts in the county. As active PCs and volunteers know, we manage our large county by assigning precincts to Regional Captains, who lead and initiate projects in their areas. Our Regional Captains met for a very productive meeting this past Saturday and began the process of reshuffling assignments. Don’t worry: It’s not a sea-change, just required adjustments. 

It’s an election year, and that includes elections for Precinct Committee Members. Get ready to engage with your leaders in the process of becoming a PC or being re-elected as one. More information will follow soon.

Now Is the Time to Train Up

Make sure your skills are ready for the Midterms. Train up with the offerings of our Education Committee — watch the calendar. Or write to ask for a special session. 

This Week’s Virtual Lobbying Alerts

Arizona Legislative Alert – Feb. 07, 2022 
Federal Action Alert – Feb. 5, 2021

City Council Under Threat

Did you see the article in the Arizona Daily Sun about candidate Lori Matthews? Among the current elected officials supported by her donors are Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Debbie Lesko, Mark Finchem, and Wendy Rogers. Read more. Now there is a new candidate for Mayor, who sits on the board of Matthews’ non-profit — Daniel Williamson. We’ll have to wait until April to see his campaign contributors.  Watch whose petitions you sign – we don’t need folks supported by those who fund insurrectionists on the city council (or on our school boards). 

If you want to run for City Council, we can help you get started down the road.  Time is short; nominating petitions are due April 4. 

Indigenous Voter Committee Update

We are again partnering with the Northeast Arizona Native Democrats, led by Navajo County leadership, to engage voters on tribal lands in our county. The Coconino County Democratic Party is funding an organizer for the Tuba City/Cameron area who will work as part of NEAZ Native Dems’ organizing program while focusing on Coconino County voters. Our organizer is not unfamiliar to those who have worked with our Indigenous outreach efforts — he is Deydrek Scott, and we are delighted to be able to expand his efforts in our county.

Our Indigenous Voter Committee meets this Thursday. Please join and spread the word:

Join on Zoom:

Youth Committee Kicks Off 2022 This Month

Our Youth Committee was created in order to empower students, young professionals,and younger residents of Coconino County (ages 18-35) who are interested in promoting Democratic and Progressive politics here in our area. If that applies to you, then join us for our inaugural meeting at Firecreek Coffee on Sunday, Feb 20th, at 10 AM.  More info.

Sign Candidate Petitions 

You can now sign local candidate petitions online through the Arizona Secretary of State just as you do for statewide candidates!

Plus, you can make $5 donations to Clean Election Candidates such as Superintendent Kathy Hoffman and our Corporation Commission candidates through the same system!  (The system hasn’t processed redistricting changes yet, so you cannot sign for legislative candidates yet.)

Winning in 2022

We can win in 2022 without changing the mind of a single person who voted for Trump. Read more.

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We work to protect the American Worker, the American Dream and the Future of our Children. The Mission of the County Party is to elect Democrats to public office who embrace the values of the Democratic Party.

The Coconino County Democratic Party is one of the 15 county organizations of the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP). The ADP is an arm of the National Democratic Party. We are committed to the continuing growth of a strong grassroots organization that takes action in support of local, state, and national Democratic candidates and issues consistent with our Mission.

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