Tuesday Tidbits, February 8, 2022

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It’s a tremendously busy time with the General Assembly in session. Today’s email has a long list of important Calls To Action (CTAs) made easy thanks to the Virginia Grassroots Coalition’s  1-Click Actions.  I’ve also included some extra tips and treats in this email.

After you make the ever so important CTAs, take a moment to watch & listen to Tammarrah Addison’s new spoken-word poem “We are Here for the Long Game”  that she debuted on last week’s Friday Power Lunch.  Enjoy!

Back for more Briefings on Thursday – send me your BADASS Tidbits.

Onward warriors!


More Details on the Following CTAs can be found here.

Ask the Senate Finance Committee to Support Reforming the Recall Process in Virginia – Vote YES on SB495 – Committee Meets Tuesday at 8:30am Click here

Testify Against Bills that Would Prevent VA from Taking Needed Steps to Address Covid-19 – Committee Meets Tuesday at 6pm – Sign up to testify.

House Subcommittee # 3 of the Committee on Health, Welfare, and Institutions will be considering several bad Covid bills during a hearing Tuesday 2/8 that starts at 6pm. Can you join us to testify against them?  Witnesses only speak for a minute or less, so no need to be an expert or prepare detailed remarks.

The Calls to Action are here and here.

Take Action to Win Fair Pay, Overtime and Quality Home Care –  Click here to take action

Home Care workers are on the front lines of the pandemic, working to keep older adults and people with disabilities healthy and safe.

Ask Senate Members to Support Second Look – Vote YES on SB378

ACTION: We expect this legislation to be heard this week in the Senate, so act right away. Please email your Senator asking them to vote for SB378. You can find your Senator’s email here: https://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/. Details here.

Stand-Up for the 4th Amendment and Against Race-Based Policing  – OPPOSE HB79/HB1030

ACTION: We expect this bill to be heard in the House this week, so please take action right away. Please email House members asking them to OPPOSE HB79/HB1030.  You can find your Delegate’s email here: https://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/. Details here

Support Pay Parity for Public Defenders  –  Vote YES on SB282

ACTION: Please email your Senator asking them to vote for SB282. We expect this legislation to be heard this week in the Senate, so act right away. You can find your Senator’s email here: https://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/. Details here

Substance Use Is A Public Health Problem, Not A Crime  –  Vote YES on SB411

ACTION: Please email your Senator asking them to vote for SB411. We expect this bill to be heard in the Senate this week, so please act right away.  You can find your Senator’s email here: https://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/. Details here

Support SB493 (Unsolicited Lewds Bill) – Still very alive and well with a vote expected for Wednesday, February 9 Contact the judiciary members and tell them you support SB493! Find names and contact information here: https://apps.senate.virginia.gov/Senator/standingcommittees.php and talking points on the bill here: www.nwpc-va.org/toolkit  

Action Items for Campaign Finance Reform

1) Sign our petition supporting campaign finance reform. This will be delivered to the Governor, heads of the Chambers, and Committee Chairs. Currently only 200 people have signed. We need more people to care and raise your voice. 

2) Are you a group? Add your name to our sign-on letter supporting campaign finance reform which will be delivered to the Governor’s office during our lobby day, February 16th.  Questions and interest in joining our lobby day, contact with nancyruthmorgan@gmail.com

Tammarrah Addison (Author, Poet, Creativity Coach and Educator) debuted her new poem We are Here for the Long Game at this past Friday Power Lunch

Video of Tammarrah reciting her poem. Enjoy and share
 – click here.

Let your crew know that: Tammarrah will perform live on Saturday. February 26, 7pm in Alexandria at the BLACK HERstory: A poetic journey of poems and songs about AGAPE Love, Empowerment and Social Justice told and hosted by women. 

Register We are Here for the Long Game full poem.

Virginia (VA) Redress Network -Biweekly Meeting

Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 6pm

Register here

The Virginia (VA) Redress Network is a collaboration between local redress efforts throughout the Commonwealth of VA. The goal of the Coalition is to embolden efforts among its members by collaborating and building a consensus around redress. The Coalition provides support and raises awareness for specific instances of U.S. historical racial injustices by undertaking and facilitating capacity-building and public education. The VA Redress Network is in alliance with the African American Redress Network (AARN).

Messaging from the Ground Up

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 07:00 PM

Sign Up HERE

The purpose of this event is to present some ideas for how Rural GroundGame can be of service to rural Democrats in amplifying locally-sourced messaging across multiple media platforms. From radio, to newspapers, targeted digital ads, mail/postcards, and direct voter contact, we want to crank the volume of your voices to ensure that the presence of Democrats is felt year round in every zip code. Some of these ideas will be new and experimental and we will be seeking your guidance and input as the driving force behind this work. Please join us and invite your friends (as long as they are Democrats!).

“What Happened to Ohio Politics?”

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 7:00pm ET Register here.

Join Crooked River Action Monthly Meeting for a discussion with David Pepper. David was Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party between 2015 and 2021. His most recent book, Laboratories of Autocracy, documents the economic and political decline of Ohio and explains how corrupt politicians across the country are working to dismantle democracy. He also has ideas on how they can be stopped.

Virtual Valentine’s “Zoomraiser” for Stella and Rachna with Special Guest Congressman Connolly

February 12, 2022, 12–1:30pm ET

Register here

Please join special guest Congressman Gerry Connolly for a special Valentine’s virtual brunch to show your love for FCPS school board Chair Stella Pekarsky and Vice Chair Rachna Sizemore Heizer. As you know, public education has become a battleground. School board members, teachers, and administrators have been on the front lines of this battle while trying to educate students, keep them safe, and ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all students.

Please help Stella and Rachna fight for a strong public education system, the bedrock of our democracy.

Understanding the Threats to the 2022 and 2024 Elections, and What We Can Do

Sunday, February 13, 2022 4:00 pm ET

Register here.

The risk of an election crisis in 2022 and 2024 is dangerously high and rising. A large percentage of voters believe that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen, dozens of state-level bills have passed that will facilitate partisan interference in election results, and a barrage of physical threats and intimidation is driving an exodus of experienced election officials.

In this timely and critical talk, Protect Democracy’s Alexandra Chandler outlines the core threats to U.S. election integrity and the potential for election hijacking, describes how these threats increase the risk level and change the playing field compared to 2020, and speaks to how ordinary citizens and civil society groups can form alliances, take action to reduce the risk of an election crisis, and join the fight to preserve democracy itself.

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