Let’s Keep Going: Eat an Elephant One Bite at a Time

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Last week was a bummer for everyone who believes in the freedom to vote. We all know the fight is not over, and positive change can take a long time and a crazy amount of effort. As I tell my son when he is overwhelmed: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at time.

This week’s focus

This week we will focus on the extremely effective first year of the Biden administration. Though the press has painted this year as an abject failure, we know this is not true. So we tell the story of success in our own words, and we buck up our allies who are feeling a bit dejected.

We will also focus on the idea that we are all Americans. We all belong here. Mitch McConnell said the quiet part out loud last week, but we know that this country belongs to all of us. We are ALL Americans. Here are two videos and nine images to use in your social media posts this week.

Video of Katie Porter discussing Biden’s First Year.

Video ad “We Are Americans” by Truth Matters, an MPD partner.

Use this link to access these graphics:

Circulate content

  • Post one of the pieces of content above to show the Biden administration’s success or to help buck up our allies. Everything you see here is free and open source.
  • Commit to stop refuting Republican messaging with their own words. It is time to flip the conversation to our own ground and to start talking about Democrats delivering or Republicans criming. Also, don’t like, retweet, or comment on Republican content online—screenshot if you must.
  • Say what we are for! As we use social media, let’s refrain from talking more about what we are against rather than what we stand for! If you need to, rearrange your sentence so your first discuss what we stand FOR.

Curate content

As you find quality content online, please share on social media, post it in our slack, or DM it to me in Twitter (@moreperfectdem1). If you are not yet a member of our slack, email me at moreperfectdemocracy@gmail.com or DM me in Twitter and I’ll get you an invitation. If you are a member of the Twitter DM rooms, please share it in there so we can all amplify.

Mark your calendar

  • Every Tuesday we meet for Meme Team Tuesdays to create messages and visual memes to be shared on social media. Please join us! No experience is required. Register here.
  • This Thursday, Jan. 27, 2021, will be our last Drop-In Thursday. We will discuss messaging and strategy for engaging voters and telling our story. Register here.
  • Monday, Jan. 31, 2021, we be our first Messaging Monday. We will meet every Monday to discuss the week’s messaging and priorities. Please Join us! Register here.
  • Participate in a special COINversation with Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate Nick Kristof on Feb. 2, 2021. Sign up here.

Watch, listen, read, and follow

Watch: Katie Porter breaking down the first year of the Biden admin like a boss.

Listen: Listen to the podcast Ezra Klein Show. Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain describes the first year of the Biden administration.

Read: The Republican Parallel Universe Strategy. This article from The Bulwark essentially exhorts Democrats to go on the message offensive, set the narrative, and talk about what we are for and what we have done successfully, rather than letting Republicans take control over the narrative. Sound familiar?

Read: Chop Wood, Carry Water. This newsletter is designed to give readers about 5-7 minutes of actions to take each weekday. They get call scripts for your federal representatives, an “Extra Credit” item, a Resistbot script, and something election-related as well. Because electing more progressives up and down the ballot is how we get out of the mess we’re in.

Follow: More Perfect Democracy Facebook and Twitter for content to amplify. Also follow COIN and Truth Matters.

Bottom Line

We keep moving. Midterms are in November (with primaries before then), and together we can help Democrats win more elections at every level. We have succeeded before, and we can do it again if we work together.

Are you a Facebook superstar?

We are looking for a Facebook lead to run the official More Perfect Democracy account, post into groups, and help remind other team members to circulate Facebook content.

Interested? Email Stephanie at moreperfectdemocracy@gmail.com.

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