Stop Campaign Funds and Overcharging by Dominion

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Dear Friends,

These Calls To Action (CTAs) could not wait for the Tuesday Tidbits. These bills are scheduled to be heard in Committees tomorrow. Please take action TODAY and write to your Democratic Delegates and Senators. Send to your representatives and BCC the others. For further information please contact Sharon Shutler at

Stop Dominion Overcharges. Support HB1288 Ratepayer Protection Act

Patrons Delegates Hudson and Ware

This bill would restore critical authority to the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to ensure that energy bills to ratepayers are just and reasonable. Lowering bills is a kitchen table issue and clean energy issue. Virginians pay the 8th highest energy bills in the country. Republican well-messaged attacks on RGGI and the Virginia Clean Economy Act claim to tie the high costs of electricity bills with clean energy mandates and use this to justify gutting or repealing those laws. However, the 2021 Dominion rate case made clear that high bills are a result of the inability of the SCC to effectively regulate this monopoly. In the rate case SCC staff and the AG’s office successfully demonstrated that Dominion Energy had overcharged ratepayers between $1 and $1.2 billion in excess profits over a 4-year period.

Click Here: HB1288 Ratepayer Protection Act CTA

Stop Campaign Contributions from Dominion. Support SB45 and SB568

Patrons Senators Petersen and Stuart

These bills would ban campaign contributions from regulated utilities like Dominion Energy. For years, Dominion has heaped staggering piles of campaign cash upon candidates of both parties and is rewarded with laws that help this monopoly overcharge Virginians by over $1 billion. These overcharges were unequivocally established by the Attorney General and SCC staff in Dominion’s 2021 rate case. As a result, Virginians pay the 8th highest electricity bills in the country. Dominion abuses our lax rules to exploit our political system, drowning out the voices of Virginia families and small businesses.

Click Here SB45 and SB568 Stop Campaign Contributions from Dominion CTA  

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