We Must Pass the Build Back Better Act and the Freedom To Vote Act

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Last week House progressives held the line to ensure that President Biden’s entire Build Back Better agenda would continue to move forward. On Friday President Biden reaffirmed the need for passage of BOTH the Build Back Better Act with historic investments in jobs, healthcare, climate, and immigration AND the smaller Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. We support progressive Democrats’ and Speaker Pelosi’s commitment to pass the most transformative, human infrastructure agenda in generations and the most significant climate agenda Congress has ever proposed. As progressives, we should focus on the contents of the Build Back Better Act rather than on an arbitrary price tag. All programs included in this bill are needed.

Contact your Members of Congress and urge them not to compromise on the transformative content of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

It’s been months since the For The People Act was filibustered in the Senate. Senator Joe Manchin then insisted he could draft a voting rights bill that would win ten Republican votes because, as he said then, “January Sixth changed everything.”  January 6 was nine months ago. Unfortunately, since then, things have changed for the worse—election officials nationwide are under attack and 70 percent of Republicans believe the 2020 election results were illegitimate. The Freedom to Vote Act, introduced by Senator Manchin’s team in September, establishes national standards that protect voters, voting rights, and election officials. It will also make it easier and safer for voters of all parties in 2022 to choose legislators who support the goal of Building Back Better through millions of jobs addressing the climate emergency, child care, education, elder care, and more, paid for by ensuring that the ultra-wealthy and corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Contact your Senators and tell them: we need the Freedom to Vote Act to support and sustain the Build Back Better agenda.

Hold our majority in Virginia: Voter Outreach Opportunities with Sister District

Virginia has an election happening right now for their House of Delegates. It ends in four weeks, and Democratic incumbents Lashrecse Aird and Alex Askew need your help getting out the vote!

You helped fight off the California recall. Now’s the time to #KeepVABlue. Sign up for a shift to make calls with other Sister District Project SF volunteers at their Mobilize page. This is the time for us to talk to local voters to help them make a plan to vote and recruit critical volunteers on the ground.

If you’ve never joined a phone bank before, don’t worry! Sister District Project organizers will host a training at the beginning of the Zoom event and be available throughout to answer any questions. When you finish making calls, hang out to debrief and share your experiences and conversations.

Under Democratic leadership, Virginia has expanded healthcare to 400,000+ people, ended the death penalty, banned forced ultrasounds and LGBTQ+ discrimination, passed climate change legislation, and enacted a state Voting Rights Act.

Don’t let the progress in Virginia be undone: take action today!

ISF Federal Working Group meeting:Thursday, October 14, 7:30–9 PM.Register here for a Zoom meeting to help us develop strategies to influence our members of Congress and the Biden administration to enact a progressive agenda. All are welcome to join our events!

Sister District San Francisco & Friends Virtual Phone Bank: Sunday, October 10, 12–2 PM. It’s time to Get Out The Vote in Virginia to protect Democratic control of this key Southern state. Join Sister District San Francisco & Friends and collaborators in the Bay Area and around the nation to help reelect Delegates Lashrecse Aird and Alex Askew. Sign up for a shift here.

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If you’ve seen our newsletter posts on Twitter and Facebook, you might have noticed that we include a photo or graphic with each issue.  This week’s graphic is a photo by Sarah Silbiger for Reuters of the exterior of the US Capitol in its news story about the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. 

Keep Fighting, The Indivisible SF Team

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