County Redistricting Alert!

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Allegan County Redistricting Alert!

Your participation is needed!

Allegan County’s Apportionment Commission recently voted 4-1 to approve an extremely partisan County Commission map which also reduced the number of districts from 7 to 5.

  • Residents will have less representation at a time when Allegan County is among the fastest growing counties in the State according to census data. 
  • This gerrymandered map was pushed through despite several maps that were more compact with less partisan bias.
  • State law clearly states that maps cannot be drawn for partisan political advantage (MCL 46.404).
  • State law requires these lines to be drawn by an apportionment commission consisting of the county clerk, treasurer, prosecutor, and the chairs of the two major county parties. In Allegan County, this means the Democrats only have one voice at the table. 

The Allegan County Democratic Party is exploring filing a petition with the Court of Appeals and all other options to fight back against this attempt to suppress votes and disenfranchise the nearly 40 percent of residents who vote for Democrats.

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