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GIFs to Demand Vaccine Equality and Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Now A federal judge in Texas decided that DACA was unlawful, banning new applicants and threatening the safety of Dreamers. Use these GIFs to protect DACA and Dreamers. TaskForce’s Impact Accelerator TaskForce is accepting applications for our next round of the TaskForce

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Billionaires vs. America

Billionaires vs. America Billionaires dodge paying taxes but impose their values on other Americans. Corporate politicians cover for them. How is the system rigged? Follow the money. This StoryMaps shows how billionaires


Meetings, March, Drive and News!

View in your browser News From the Coconino County Democratic PartySeptember 10, 2021 Saturday Is Our Monthly Meeting!  County Fair! Campaign for Voting Rights, Education, and Fair Taxation Contact Our Federal Representatives! Women’s