GIFs To Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, A Pathway to Citizenship and Remembering 9/11

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[ST. PAUL, MN] — September 4, 2021: Climate Action Now art event for TaskForce.
Into Action

9/11 Day of Remembrance  

It’s the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, and a chance to reflect on the losses we’ve suffered on that day and since. Use these GIFs to honor the day and speak out for peace.

Quote that says "the true legacy of 9/11 is that our spirit is mightier the bonds that unite us are thicker, and the resolve is firmer-Joe Biden"
Image of someone holding up a peace sign with the two fingers resembling the twin towers. The words "never forget that peace is always the answer"
Image of the twin towers with a sun and the American flag stripes behind it. the words "never forget" are printer at the top

Latinx Heritage Month

September 15th is the beginning of Latinx Heritage Month! All month long, it’s time to lift up and celebrate all of the contributions Latinx people make to American culture, and these GIFs are a great way to join in.

Multicolor image of words that state "happy latinx heritage month"
Image of the words "proud latinx"
Image of the words "latinx heritage month"

Citizenship Reform Now

This week, President Biden called for a clear and fair pathway to citizenship. Immigrants drive our culture and economy, and it’s time to officially welcome them home. Use these GIFs to support our immigrants and call for reform of our citizenship process. 

Image of a man sitting on an a construction machine with a skyline behind him. The words "immigrants are essential" are written
Different appearing images with the phrase "immigrants we get the job done" written across
Image of the USA with stars behind it. The words "a nation of immigrants is written across"

A Butter Sculpture for Climate Change

In partnership with the League of Conservation Voters, IntoAction and artist Dusty Thune built a butter sculpture at the Keg and Case Market in Minnesota. As it melted gradually, the sculpture of Earth called on all of us to act now and to stop climate change. 

[ST. PAUL, MN] — September 4, 2021: Climate Action Now art event for TaskForce.

  See more of Dusty’s sculptures at House of Thune


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