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Welcome to The Deep Canvasser, CTC’s newsletter. A quick read to keep informed about our work—and how to get involved. 


Is this the end of Roe? The Trump justices’ refusal to stop a draconian Texas anti-abortion law shows that elections matter—and so do judges.  This fall, CTC is working on judicial elections that can shape our future. See below for details, and how you can help!  

CTC is growing … Fundraising has kept pace with our goals, so we’ve hired two young, skilled, and dynamic organizers. Their full-time work in Philly will grow our reach and impact.  Meet Kimberly and Ashley, plus our new operations manager Kim, below. 

Our work this fall will focus around PA judicial elections on November 2.  Turnout for off-year state elections is usually abysmal. So … how important could they be?  

The answer—really important.  For two big reasons:

First, PA is an epicenter of the GOP’s ongoing campaign to suppress voting, especially among youth and BIPOC people. In 2020, state judges played a crucial role shutting down Trump’s attempt to overturn the results. We have to elect (and re-elect) judges who will protect ballot access against Big-Lie-driven “anti-fraud” tactics. 

These elections also matter because we can’t expect to build a better democracy by just showing up every other year.  Real change only comes through long-term, year-round organizing with disenfranchised communities. CTC learned that while working with unlikely voters in 2020; the nation realized it after the Georgia run-offs this January.  

Right now, CTC is connecting with Philly college students, clergy, advocacy groups, and more. They’re excited about the amazing results we’ve achieved through deep canvassing. Working together on these judicial elections, we can forge new partnerships and deepen our connections with the communities who hold the key to the state’s—and the nation’s—future.  

Sign up now to join CTC’s fall door-knocking campaign. It’s the next step forward for lasting progressive change. 


There are lots of options for getting trained in deep canvassing, or getting back in the swing of things.  Follow the link that’s right for you! 

New to “deep canvassing”?
Start with a 75-minute virtual Info Session to learn about CTC and our storytelling method. Sign up for Sept. 9Sept. 14, or Oct. 12!

Need a brush-up on your storytelling? (We all do!)
If you haven’t canvassed since Fall 2020, sign up for a Story Workshop Sept. 23Oct. 7, or Oct. 21! (And even if you’ve canvassed more recently, you’re always welcome to join for more training …)

Ready to roll?
If you’re fully trained with CTC and ready to go back to the doors, sign up for our next canvass on Sept. 26, or Oct. 10!

Want to help recruit new volunteers?
The best way to grow CTC’s ranks is by reaching out to people you know.  On Sept. 14, come to a short virtual training for our next Friends & Family Recruiting Phone Bank!


CTC Together has three new staffers—and two of them have the same name. Kimberly Richards and Ashley Jackson are our new Organizers, and Kimberly Kaschak (call her Kim) is our Operations Manager. Read on to learn about the experience and passion they bring to CTC.

The daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Kimberly Richards grew up watching her parents work hard to exercise their rights as citizens. They taught her the importance of supporting your beliefs by voting for positive change.

Kimberly is pursuing a Master’s in Criminal Justice at Penn State. As an undergrad, she facilitated conversations on contentious topics for World in Conversation, Penn’s public diplomacy center.  The experience helped cultivate her passion for impactful dialogue.
“I appreciate CTC’s commitment to conversations that motivate people to vote in all elections,” she said. “These conversations encourage people to treat their vote as advocacy for themselves and for people they care about.”

With a Master’s in Translation and Intepretation from LaSalle, Ashley Jackson has worked for years to support Greater Philly’s Latin American communities. She has advocated for undocumented residents and DACA recipients, volunteered as a tax-filing interpreter, and helped several nonprofits spread community-building resources.

She also has experience in electoral politics.  Ashley worked on outreach to Spanish speakers for the Biden campaign, and most recently was a deputy field director with the Progressive Turnout Project.  

By connecting with people on a profound level, Ashley believes CTC can help a broader range of life experiences find meaningful political representation. “I am honored to be joining CTC’s work at this crucial moment. As a proud Philadelphian, I look forward to helping the City of Liberty gain power with a robust communal voice that must be heard.”

Kim Kaschak developed a love for travel early, when her family moved to Holland for three years. That’s why she earned her BA at London’s Richmond University and her Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Sydney. 

Along the way, Kim volunteered for organizations including Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, and Oxfam. For the past decade she has worked for Philadelphia non-profits, focused on children in foster care. 

“With the pandemic and the election, I realized I wanted to return to my original passion: our politics and our democracy. I’m especially excited about working with canvassers, supporting the mission we all believe in so strongly.”


In this section, the Communications Team recommends a few thought-provoking links to read or watch.

In this recent episode of Ibram X. Kendi’s anti-racism podcast, he provides enlightening historical context for the ongoing “Attack on Voting Rights.”

And here’s the latest front in that attack … right here in Pennsylvania.

But the census results offer some hope for the future, and CTC’s strategy.

Meanwhile, the NY Times just posted this look at COVID safety for people who have been vaccinated.

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  1. * Please consider making a video each week highlighting President Biden’s accomplishments each week & we can post on media sites.
    * Please make memes stating facts to counter the lies some media spouts out
    * Give us talking facts to counter the lies that Fox or other right-wing spouts out so we can present in a logical manner
    * Have a solid message to counter the socialism message that Rs spew
    * Use short catch phrases similar to – #BuildBackBetter
    * Help us to counter the lies on the border, Afghanistan (all those lies Rs are talking about)


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