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Help us Fix Media Now!

Autumn is here, and with it the holiday and gift giving season. Please support local journalism by gifting a local newspaper to your friends and family this season. You can use our database of local journalism for meaningful and useful gifts.

Media and Democracy Project has been awarding both Hero Journalists/Newspapers and Bright Spots in local journalism. During our bi-weekly meetings we’ve been voting on Bright Spots. Award winners for Hero Journalists and Bright Spots can be found on our Substack.

At our next meeting on November 27, 2023 our nominees for the next Bright Spot Award are:

Gary Capital B News
Outlier Media from Detroit
The Hutchinson Tribune from Hutchinson, KS that was covered in E&P

In light of the news of Univision and Former-president Trump’s interview, and following the news that Univision cancelled the Biden Campaign’s ads that were to air during the interview, as well as the pre-arranged response from the Biden Campaign that was supposed to immediately follow the interview, organizations were invited to sign this letter to hold Univision accountable and urge them to recommit to higher journalistic standards. Media and Democracy Project chose to sign onto this letter.

Yet another sign of fascism creep at a major news network is the cancelation of Joe Biden ads in swing states without notice. It is important that we speak loud, and with one voice, as a pro-democracy movement. Please feel free to share this information with others. 

Thank a journalist. Journalism has rarely been lucrative for writers, and now it has become more dangerous; especially for journalists striving to write more accurate news and call out those who want to use the media to advance their hateful agendas. Give journalists kudos when you read something well written. 

Community News and Small Business Support Act! Please call, write, email, fax or otherwise contact your US Representative and ask them to support and/or co-sponsor HR4756, the Community News and Small Business Support Act.  This is a bipartisan effort with 27 co-sponsors.  This bill allows certain small businesses and employers of journalists tax credits for advertising in local media and for the wages of not more than 1,500 local news journalists in any calendar quarter. 

Specifically, the tax credit for advertising in local media allows small businesses with less than 50 full-time employees a limited credit for the expense of advertising in a local newspaper, or in any licensed broadcast radio or television station that serves a local community.

Great News!  “The now fully staffed FCC has voted to developing their plan to reinstate Net Neutrality, with approval of the plan and final vote in a year.”

Thanksgiving is upon us and we all have things to be thankful for.  What are you thankful for this year?  Please consider sharing with others in our MAD Slack #fun_humor-random-stuff.

As always, please sign on to the Media and Democracy Project letter to the FCC, in support of our Petition to Deny a broadcast license to FOX for WTXF29 Philadelphia. 



Help us fight for a more pro-democracy media and a better-informed America.

ACTION #1 Sign-on to our letter asking for the FCC to hold a hearing for FOX broadcast license for WTFX29 Philadelphia.

Sign on here

ACTION #2 Praise Media and Democracy Hero: 

Ben Collins for being a great journalist up until his early retirement due to threats upon his life. 

ACTION #3 Ask your Representative to support

 HR 4756 Community News and Small Business Support Act

Upcoming Events (all meetings are via Zoom)

11/27 Monday 7:00p ET Our Media and Democracy Project bi-weekly General Meeting – newcomers are always welcome. We will discuss different ways you can help #FixMediaNow  Sign up here

01/10 Wednesday, 7:00p ET Special Event: Margaret Sullivan, joins Media and Democracy Project in January! 
Sign up here

Thank you for all you do! Please share this Newsletter.

In community,
Noelle, Brian, Jonathan, Holley, Cecily, Carolyn, Milo and the entire Media and Democracy Project

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