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I’m about to go out on a huge limb here…But if you’re reading this, you’re probably registered to vote as a Democrat. If everyone who gets this email registers just one other person to vote by November 2022, we get 12,000 new Democrats. That’s enough to flip a Georgia or an Arizona.  If you each register four – that’s 48,000 new Democrats. That’s more than the 43,000 that flipped the country to Biden/Harris. A single Field Team 6 voter drive is all it takes to register those four Democrats. What you do right now can help save the Senate, save the House, and save the world once again in 2022. Check out our groundbreaking Voter Drive in a Boxwhich has everything you need to register Democrats. Use it to put your own voter drive on the calendar today – or sign up for an existing drive! And please email us with any questions. We’re here to help!


VOTER DRIVE IN A BOX:NC NITTY GRIDDY VIDDYField Team 6 is thrilled to be launching in-person voter drives (wherever it’s safe) with our most streamlined training system ever. It’s called Voter Drive in a Box – and it’s available for each of our 2022 target states. We’re also putting one together for non-target states, so you can register Democrats anywhere in the country! 

What’s in the virtual box? Everything you need to lead your own in-person voter drive and save the world… customized for your battleground state! That can be as small as you and a friend going to a community college on your lunch break, or as big as you like! 

The most fun part of each state’s Voter Drive in a Box is the “NITTY GRITTY” video. They’re fun, they’re quick, and they teach you exactly how to register Democrats using either a paper form, or using on a smartphone. 

Today we unveil our Nitty Gritty video for the critical state of NORTH CAROLINA! 2022 could be the year the Tar Heel state goes Blue, and you can help make it happen.

Behold: The Nitty Gritty for Registering North Carolina Democrats HERE —and our North Carolina Voter Drive in a Box. Find the Voter Drive in a Box for your other favorite battlegrounds right HERE. And if you want to help, LET US KNOW!!


Once again, the amazing generosity of the Field Team 6 community leaves our jaws on the floor. We are thrilled to announce we can now buy the data we need to register Democrats in CA-45 and re-elect the great Katie Porter to the House of Representatives! Huge thanks to every single person who chipped in for this effort. We can’t wait to get started with phone banks and postcarding into CA-45! And while we set those up…

…we’re introducing a new challenge! CA-49, a blue district that needs protecting! Democratic Rep. Mike Levin flipped this part Orange County, part-San Diego County district in the Blue Wave Midterms of 2018, and proudly held his seat in 2020. But the upcoming redistricting (California is losing a House seat, people!) means Rep. Levin’s seat may be an even harder win in 2022. So we need to protect this new blue stronghold in the upcoming midterms. And the best way to do that – we know you know – is by registering every Democrat in the district. We’re looking to raise just $1,027 to start standing up digital voter registration efforts in the district. That means buying the data of every unregistered likely Dem we can find so we can set up phone banks and postcarding campaigns to get them registered. If you have the means to contribute, please do so HERE. We will thank you, the people of CA-49 will thank you, and in 2022 – democracy will thank you.


We currently have trainings on the calendar for 8 of our 9 major states. The Dynamic Duo, Gina Harris and Mervis Reissig, are taking on both Georgia and Wisconsin, while our own Texas Expert (Texpert!) Gwen Rice will be riding herd in the Lone Star State. Just like our enthusiastic and experienced trainers in AZ, CA, FL, NC and PA, they’re raring to go with state-specific trainings on how to register Democrats the Field Team 6 way! Here’s a quick rundown.

Wednesday, 8/4 and 8/25 6-7p PT –RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register CA Democrats In Person! 

Thursday, 8/12 7-8p ET – RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register PA Democrats In Person! ​

Tuesday, 8/17 7-8p CT –RSVP Learn (on Zoom) to Register WI Democrats In Person! 

Tuesday, 8/24 6-7p ET –RSVPLearn (on Zoom) to Register GA Democrats In Person!

 ​More trainings COMING SOON! Check Vol Ops for details! Sign up now, get fired up, and learn all you need to register Democrats in these key battlegrounds! (Nevada is the only state we still need a trainer for – any inspired trainers out there want to take that on? Drop us a line HERE!)


Every Wednesday we hit the web to raise awareness for Field Team 6’s efforts to register Democrats and save the world. These storms are making a difference and the more who join, the bigger the difference! Storm any time on your own or join our upcoming storm on Wednesday, August 4 at 11a PT on Zoom for some socializing and training to develop mad storming skillz! RSVP HERE. No idea what we’re talking about? Show up and learn! Our very own Deb Verla is literally a training professional and will make it fun and easy. And you can always find info on our latest storm as well as cool pre-made posts right HERE.


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4:WEEKLY POSTCARD PARTYHave you ever wanted to write voter registration postcards in a group from the comfort of your couch? Then our weekly postcarding parties are right up your alley! Join Postcarding Queen Laurie Mendik at our upcoming virtual shindig this Wednesday, August 4 from 2-3p PT. She’ll get you trained up and ready to write.RSVP HERE! If you’d like to order some of our incredible Shepard Fairey-designed cards, click HERE. And if you can’t contain your postcarding enthusiasm until Wednesday, feel free to get started anytime right HERE!


In June, voting rights advocate, published Op-Ed author, and recent Field Team 6 volunteer of the week, Valerie Morishige, held a stellar workshop on the power of citizen Op-Eds to influence politicians and bring about positive policy changes. It was such a smashing success, she’s agreed to do it again! Join Valerie and a score of other “ordinary people” committed to making the world a better place on Tuesday, August 17 at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Learn why an Op-Ed is a powerfully outsized tool for change, how to choose a target, position yourself as an expert, and craft your argument, as well as the nuts and bolts of submitting your Op-Ed. Click HERE to RSVP. This event is virtual, but space is limited!

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Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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