GIFs to promote masking up and supporting Simone Biles.

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January 6th Committee

With the investigation into the domestic attack on the Capitol beginning this week, it is time that the instigators in Congress who helped make Jan 6 possible be held accountable. Share these GIFs to continue putting pressure on our leaders to hold those in charge of the attack accountable.

Image of a dove with olive leaves in beak. The phrase "1.6.21. Never Again" are written
Image of the US capitol with the American flag draped on top of it. The words above read "Never again 1.6.21"
Image of a waving American flag. The words on the flag state "Protect democracy. Remember what they fought for"

Masks are Back

The CDC says “Masks are back!” — even for us vaxxed folks. With the continuing gap in information surrounding the vaccine, and Delta variant cases on the rise, it’s more important than ever to take the small step of masking up to fight the spread. We’re experts at this by now: let’s do it for our friends, families, and our communities. Here is a collection of GIFs to use in order to spread awareness that masks are back.

Image of Biden signing a paper at his desk. The words state "Everyone must wear a mask. That's an order"
Moving image of NOLA masks with the words "wear a mask" written below
Image of a chip bowl wearing a mask holding a sign saying "chip in. wear a mask"

Artist of the Week

Jenny Scales

Image of artist Jenny Scales

Jenny Scales is an introvert/extrovert who grew up observing the world around her and documenting it through drawing. Most days she’s most likely dancing, biking, or hanging out with her dog.
Instagram: jennyscales_
Image of a woman with a rocket on her back skyrocketing up. The words "growth hack" are written below
Image of a peach sticker with the words "i voted" written
Image of a fire with the phrase "if you're not angry you're not paying attention" written on top
A John Lewis quote that says "get in good trouble"

Simone Biles & Mental Health

Simon Biles made the tough choice to put her health first this week, proving she truly is the GOAT. Women are exposed to unsolicited advice on the daily, especially Women of Color–but Simone needs solidarity, not advice. We could all take her cue and prioritize our mental health. Use these GIFs to stand in solidarity with Simone and anyone grappling with the need to take time for their mental health.

Loop of Simone Biles doing a back hand spring. The quote above reads "today, do what others won't so tomorrow you can do what other's can't-Simone Biles"
Moving image with alternating words saying "say yes to saying no"
Image of Simone Biles saluting. Words on her leotard read "mental health medalist"

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