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Holding Elected Officials Accountable

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There are many misconceptions about calling elected officials. One of them is that we call to change someone’s mind, which could be a potential outcome. We call to give them information, to help them understand the needs and desires of the people. We could think about it as a small vote or a small protest. Your calls and our calls, when done in concert, give our elected officials information that they can use to talk with their colleagues, to think about the work they are doing, and in some cases, perhaps make them feel nervous. Sometimes that’s a desired outcome.

Today we are asking our members to make the call to our two senators to thank them for supporting The For the People Act and to use their influence and our passion to talk with reluctant colleagues on both side of the aisle. It’s important to let them continue to hear from you after today. We can assure you that they are hearing from opponents on this bill.

Very briefly, the For the People Act will protect our freedom to vote by making voting options accessible across all states, give voters equal voice by preventing billionaires from buying our elections, and help elect leaders who govern in our interests by drawing congressional districts to give fair representation for all.

Today, we are asking that you use this number that will give you a script that you can use to shape your very quick call. 866-701-6025. After today you should resume using the congressional switchboard number.

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