President Biden and the Democrats continue to deliver for Florida with Expanded Child Tax Credit

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Thanks to President Biden and the Democrats in Congress, Florida is getting back on track and Floridians are finally receiving the assistance they deserve. Not only did over 89% of Floridians receive stimulus checks, but now millions of Florida families are about to see deposits in their bank accounts thanks to the Expanded Child Tax Credit in the American Rescue Plan. 
The Expanded Child Tax Credit included in the American Rescue Plan

  • Single parents making 75k a year or less and couples making 150k a year or less will receive $3000 per child age 6-17 and $3600 per child under the age of 6  
  • Half of the credit will be divided into monthly payments and half will come as a credit on next year’s taxes 
  • 88% of all children living in the US will qualify for the payments 

“President Biden and the Democrats delivered both short term and long term relief to Floridians,” said Florida Democratic Party Spokeswoman Alexandra Caffrey “We are already seeing the widespread positive impact of the stimulus payments as well as the ramped up vaccine access, and soon the Expanded Child Tax Credit and Restaurant Revitalization grants are going to start hitting bank accounts, taking our recovery to the next level— this is what competent moral leadership looks like and people all across Florida are recognizing it.”

WTVT in Tampa highlighted exactly what the Expanded Child Tax Credit means for Florida families noting that “a lot of families will soon start seeing money thanks to the American Rescue Plan.” 
Watch here

In an interview on WPTV Congressman Ted Deutch noted that “people are now comfortable going out and doing things because of the commitment we [President Biden and the Democrats] made to getting shots into arms and relief to people who really struggled through the pandemic.” 
He went on to highlight how the American Jobs and Families Plans will build on that progress, and he made sure to clarify that unlike Trumps 2 trillion dollar tax cut for the top .1% of Americans, these plans will actually help lower and middle class families. Watch here

WTLV highlighted how the Child Tax Credit is larger than ever before thanks to the American Rescue Plan and they made it clear exactly who is eligible.
Watch here

FDP Chair Welcomes Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff to Florida

Today Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff is visiting Tallahassee, Florida to encourage people to get vaccinated and to highlight the progress that has been made because of the Biden Administration and the Democrats in Congress. To welcome the Second Gentleman, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz issued the following statement: 
“Thanks to the Biden Administration, Democrats in Congress, and local leaders all across Florida, we are finally getting out on the other side of this pandemic. I am thrilled to welcome Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff to Florida to highlight the vaccination success we have seen since the passage of the American Rescue Plan and to discuss what we can do to get 70% of Floridians vaccinated by July 4th.”
Vaccination statistics in Florida: 

  • When President Biden took office, 1.2 million vaccine doses had been given in Florida 
  • As of today nearly 20 million vaccine doses have been given in Florida  

Miami Herald:COVID wards are emptying out in South Florida. Doctors say it’s proof vaccines work 

  • COVID units are emptying out across the state, where fewer than 1,800 people are being treated for the disease statewide, compared to the late July height of about 9,500.

FDP Slams Rubio for being weak and cowardly as Senate race heats up

As the race for Florida Senate heats up, we wanted to send around a quick reminder of just how weak, cowardly, and anti-democracy Senator Marco Rubio really is. 
“Marco Rubio has proven time and time again that he does not have the spine to take on hard fights, and will put politics over people every single time,” said Florida Democratic Party Spokeswoman Alexandra Caffrey. “Floridians deserve a real leader representing them in the Senate, not a weak coward like Marco Rubio.”
Marco Rubio constantly puts party over democracy and refuses to stand up for what is right: 

  • He voted against $1,400 checks for Floridians and opposed funding for vaccine distribution, COVID relief for schools, first responders, and small business. 
  • He talks about being tough on China but then voted against a bipartisan bill to make the US more competitive with China
  • He voted to allow health insurance companies to charge older Floridians up to five times more for their premiums and to cut nearly $500 billion from Medicare.
  • He voted against the January 6th commission to investigate the insurrection at our capitol 
  • He voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act because apparently he thinks salary should be a function of gender 

Everyone is fed up with Marco Rubio’s antics. The Orlando Sentinel said that it’s “Time to give up on Marco Rubio, who will never do the right thing.” And the Miami Herald noted that, “It’s hard to take a principled stand when one lacks a spine, as Florida’s U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio has shown us.” ” 

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