We need to take action on gun violence

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We have a gun violence problem in America.

That’s not pleasant, but it’s a fact. And the best way to tackle it is common sense gun reform. In 2019, the Democratic House majority passed the Bipartisan Background Checks Act — legislation that would have been a strong first step toward ending gun violence in our country.

Then, Senate Republicans refused to take action and let the legislation die. And right here in Ohio, we lost 9 lives after a mass shooting in Dayton. Mike DeWine promised to do something. He broke that promise and signed “stand your ground” legislation instead, making the problem even worse.

We need action on gun reform — and we needed it years ago. If you agree, add your name to demand Congress take action to end the gun violence epidemic in our country.

In 2021 alone there have already been 230 mass shootings — including shootings in Columbus, Lorain, Toledo, and Youngstown over the weekend. That’s 230 too many, yet we’re still waiting for action from our leaders.

The time for “thoughts and prayers” after gun violence incidents is over. We’re sick of waiting around for action, so we’re demanding it now. We need meaningful action to keep Ohioans safe from gun violence.

No one should have to worry if a trip to the store, a day at school, a church service, or a concert will end in tragedy. Congress has the power to make change, and our Democratic leaders are leading the fight — but they need our help.

Add your name to demand action from Congress to keep Ohioans safe from gun violence.

Thank you,

Team ODP

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