Jim Crow in New Clothes

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Fight Hate Crime & Voter Suppression

Bad day: you lose your favorite mask; your cat throws up, again. Committing mass murder, mostly of Asian women — Hey, Atlanta area Sheriff’s office, that is NOT just a guy having a “bad day.” Also: the young white murderer, and the Sheriff’s office, claim it’s nothing to do with race, just trying to get rid of sexual temptation. We say, HELL NO. Anti-Asian hate and violence is real, and it’s going on right here and right now. Join us — raise your voice against this hatred, which has grown worse during the pandemic. Read our Lunar New Year article, which lists excellent resources. Register for Hollaback’s free bystander intervention trainings. And call hate crime what it is, today and every day.

Our action this week: fighting minority voter suppression. It’s happening nationwide, including in Georgia. Read on to see what you can do.

Fight Voter Suppression

Deadline: NOW – We kicked the Vote-Suppressor-in-Chief out and broke the GOP stranglehold on the Senate — now they want to stop folks who vote against them from voting. No vote by mail in Georgia. Nearly two dozen bills to restrict voting in Arizona. Cutting early voting and closing polling places earlier in Iowa. And more. To quote Sen. Raphael Warnock, these restrictions are just “Jim Crow in new clothes. Join us as we push for nationwide voter protections and resist the suppression efforts directly:

Read more in our article, and share it widely!

Rather than voters being able to pick the politicians, the politicians are trying to cherry pick their voters. I say this cannot stand” – Sen. Raphael Warnock, in his first speech to the U.S. Senate, March 17, 2021

Virtual Events

  • March 20, 10 AM: Tri-Valley phone bank to fight voter suppression laws. Info & RSVP.
  • March 20, 1 PM: IEB phone bank, call Arizonans to urge Sen. Sinema to end filibuster. Info & RSVP
  • March 28, 1 PM: IEB All Members Meeting. Info & RSVP

Your donations support our work undoing the effects of the Evil Empire and fighting for a just society, but do not go to candidate-related events.

We Could Not Make This Up

Jason Ouimet, ED of the NRA’s lobbying arm, explains that the 172 Republicans who voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act aren’t anti-women — they were fighting a horrible plot to make them look bad! “Pelosi and anti-gun lawmakers chose to insert gun control provisions into this bill in 2019 to pit pro-gun lawmakers against it so that they can falsely and maliciously claim these lawmakers don’t care about women. Sure, hon, that’s why we want to keep domestic abusers from getting guns — Devin Nunes, just keep telling yourself that.

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Indivisible East Bay is a chapter of the Indivisible movement. We are a grassroots organization focused on stopping the Trump administration’s policies.

We cover the East Bay Area, spanning California’s 11th, 13th, and 15th congressional districts. In addition to IndivisibleEB, there are a number of other Indivisible groups covering specifics cities, countries, and even neighborhood. Whenever possible, we try to work together in order to build a coalition of like-minded activists resisting the Trump agenda.

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