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anti-AAPI racism

Voter suppression, votes in the Legislature and top events

Hello friends,  Heinous. That’s the best word to describe Georgia’s new voter suppression law, signed into law this week. The legislation attacks free and fair elections by allowing the Republican-led Legislature to usurp and overrule county election


The Weekly Wrap for 3/27

Publisher’s Note Hello! Couple of quick notes: Be sure to check out Aaron Smith’s cartoon on “Mitch’s Threats.” It’s one of his best ones yet, and worth sharing through your social media.


#BigTechIsBroken Launch!

#BigTechIsBroken – Launch – Join Zoom (3/22 – 8-9PM EST) Virtual Event + Quick action you can take immediately!#BigTechIsBroken is an initiative put together by a coalition of progressive groups to Educate –> Motivate


Jim Crow in New Clothes

IEB NEWSLETTER 3/18/21 Fight Hate Crime & Voter Suppression Bad day: you lose your favorite mask; your cat throws up, again. Committing mass murder, mostly of Asian women — Hey, Atlanta area Sheriff’s office, that is