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The kids in Uvalde were in elementary school. The kids in Stranger Things have made it to high school — something the kids in Uvalde, and so many other kids gunned down all over the country, will not. And we’ve hit a new low when a horror show feels the need to apologize that its content, filmed a year ago, is too close to reality, as the Netflix show did before the opener of its long-awaited Season 4. We know you’ve gotten emails urging support for gun control, as we have, and we’re all in. But we’re taking a different tack — read on to find out where the East Bay candidates for District Attorney in the upcoming election stand on gun control/gun safety. And vote, and spread the word! Lives literally depend on these choices, in the really real world.

It’s Almost Election Day!

ACT NOW! – Haven’t voted yet? There’s still time, and we’re here to help. Our June elections article has practical assistance about casting your ballots. We also let you know what the candidates for District Attorney in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties have said about gun control/gun safety, in light of the recent mass shootings in Uvalde, Buffalo, Laguna Woods — and the hundreds more this year you may not have heard about, including 14 over Memorial Day weekend alone. If you’ve already voted, thank you! — your action item for the week is to forward our article and this newsletter to every East Bay resident you know.

IEB events!

We Could Not Make This UpWe Could Not Make This Up

Memorial Day’s the unofficial start of summer, so fire up the BBQ! Perennial fave Marjorie T Greene warns you to be careful about your burgers, tho, since they may be Bill Gates fake meat grown in … peach tree dishes? (Is that where the Gazpacho Police serve their soup? or … is our Southern belle being a tad naughty?) Something else to watch out for, says Marjie — straight people are going extinct! Yep, in four or five generations “Everyone will be either gay, or trans or non-conforming, or whatever the list of 50 or 60 different options there are.” So who needs Pride? “The [LGBTQ] movements [sic] goals were achieved, were they not?” Do you think our vocab-challenged vector of viciousness is versant with “irony”? Sometimes words fail us — 

Seriously though — unlike the folks we feature here, we at IEB celebrate Pride — this month, and always — and wish strength and joy to those of you likewise celebrating!

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