An Open Letter to President Biden: It Is Time to Pardon Reality Winner

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President Biden,

I am writing to you as a veteran asking you to pardon fellow patriot Reality Winner. Being a whistleblower is one of the hardest things a patriot has to do, but they do it because of their love of country. Every person who enlists in the military has to take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. Reality Winner did just that when she exposed Russian interference in our elections. She sent a news outlet an NSA document reporting on Russian hackers targeting election vendors with phishing attacks in an attempt to access voter rolls in several states. For this, she was imprisoned.

Most Americans know who Donald Trump is, which is the reason why the popular vote went to Hillary Clinton back in 2016. Trump wanted absolute loyalty from everyone in his administration and in government agencies like the FBI, CIA, and Intelligence. We can’t imagine the fear that Reality Winner felt when she found a classified document showing Russian collusion and debated going through the proper channels, because let’s face it, with Trump in charge this evidence would have gone straight into the garbage. 

Reality Winner took a chance when she let the American people know of her findings. We’ve seen what whistleblowers go through just because they love their country and our democracy. Whistleblowers get demonized, bullied, and their lives are sometimes put in danger; sometimes they are considered to be the enemy of the country but in this case, she is not. 

President Biden, I am proud to have voted for you and to show continued support. I ask that you consider pardoning Reality Winner for protecting us from the real national security threat: the Russians’ attack on our democracy.

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  1. In total agreement with the sentiment of this letter. free Reality Winner.
    This is an imperative, Reality has suffered for the sins of this nation allowing a thief to steal an election and bring the nation to ruin.

    Reality warned us and is being punished for it. She deserved to be free immediately.

    All those responsible for the national fiasco need to be tried and convicted of the crimes against the nation.

  2. Thanks so much David for writing this letter! I am in complete agreement. Breaks my heart and infuriates me that Reality was ever imprisoned! And I can’t understand why Biden didn’t release her as soon as possible. Very disappointed.

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