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Good morning! Guess what today is? March 4th!

If you’re like “So?” then you’re obviously not In The Know.

Let me explain.

QAnon is no longer a conspiracy theory – it’s an alternate universe made up of a jumbled mass of multiple conspiracy theories. Here’s one of them: QAnon adherents believe that a bill about the District of Columbia passed in 1871 changed the United States from a country based on the Constitution into a corporation. (They’re wrong, but roll with it.)Therefore, all laws and all presidents since 1871 are illegitimate. The original inauguration date in the Constitution was March 4. The bill moving it to January was passed in 1933, so therefore it is one of the illegitimate bills, and the “true” inauguration date is still March 4.Trump is still actually president, and is letting Joe Biden play-act as the president until March 4. But on March 4 (today), Trump will come to Washington and be inaugurated. There are add-ons to this that are part of the QAnon universe, including Trump arresting all the Democrats in Congress once inaugurated. But, for now let’s just pay attention to today’s date.

If you’re thinking this is loony-tunes to the max, you’re not wrong. But crazy or not, this conspiracy story has real-world consequences. For example, the story below about possible violence in DC today – to the point that the House changed their schedule and is not in session today. (The Senate still is; I hope that doesn’t turn out to be a bad decision.)

So, as much as I hate to give anything related to Q any air time at all, you need to watch the news today. Let’s hope it’s all hot air, and only a few misbegotten souls turn up at the Capitol to see Trump inaugurated. Maybe if we get past today’s date, more of the Q folks will realize they’ve been taken for a ride, and will move back into reality.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

Franklin Circuit judge issues injunction blocking three new laws the legislature passed to limit the governor’s emergency powers

“Tthe court believes those decisions should be made based on medical and scientific evidence, not on arbitrary deadlines imposed by statutes irrespective of the spread of the virus.” (Forward Kentucky)

3/3 update — With supply of new J&J vaccine to be boosted by Merck deal, Beshear says state may need FEMA help to get doses in arms

The concern before was not enough vaccine; the concern now is not enough vaccinators. Positivity rate continues to drop; now below 5%. (Forward Kentucky)

Capitol Police officials say intel on possible March 4 plot being taken ‘seriously’

U.S. Capitol Police officials said they have “obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4” – the date that far-right conspiracy theorists believe former President Trump will return to power. In response, the U.S. House is not meeting on Thursday. (ABC News via Forward Kentucky)

Diverse coalition sends letter opposing gutting of open records law

A diverse coalition of forty-nine groups and individuals have sent a letter to the KY Senate asking them to vote no on a bill that would make significant changes to Kentucky’s open records law, which the coalition believes would cause significant damage to the law. (Forward Kentucky)

Bills speeding through Kentucky legislature; here’s where 10 significant measures stand

Nearly 50 bills passed out of either the House or Senate in the Kentucky General Assembly on Monday and Tuesday, with just nine legislative days remaining in the 2021 session.

Here is a rundown of 10 of the most significant bills to advance through either chamber, ranging from a bill to protect businesses from COVID-19 lawsuits to one waiving debt owed by Kentuckians who received an overpayment of unemployment insurance benefits through no fault of their own. (Courier-Journal)

Today’s KYGA update

What happened yesterday, what’s planned for today, and the complete published calendar (Forward Kentucky)

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[New] ‘Let the workers organize. Let all thoughtful citizens sustain them, for the future of Labor is the future of America.’ – Richard Trumka’s words this week echo those of John L. Lewis, after both their presidents expressed support for labor unions and union membership. (Commentary)

Ky. House votes to ban death penalty for severely mentally ill – The Kentucky House of Representatives passed a bill Monday banning the death penalty for people with some severe mental illnesses. (Brief)

Credit where due — Repubs in Frankfort pass some GOOD bills – With Repubs controlling pretty much everything in this year’s General Assembly, we give them much grief for some of the horrible bills they sponsor and pass. So, it’s only fair that when they actually pass some GOOD bills, we call those out as well. (Commentary)

Mitch McConnell throws shade after Donald Trump takes credit for his reelection – The Kentucky Republican had a sassy comeback to the former president’s remarks during his first speech since leaving office. (Brief)

Biden proves he’s got our backs – Going on 86 years ago, Franklin D. Roosevelt made the most pro-union statement ever uttered by an American president. Joe Biden just broke FDR’s record. (Commentary)

Senate committee advances bill to give Louisville civilian review board subpoena power – A Senate committee advanced a bill Monday to give subpoena power to Louisville’s new police civilian review board, a measure supporters say would give it the teeth needed to provide significant oversight of the city’s police department. (Brief)

Republicans are trying to kill what’s left of the Voting Rights Act – In two Supreme Court cases from Arizona that will be heard on March 2, Republicans are trying to kill what remains of the VRA. And Mitch McConnell approves. (Commentary)

🔥 Guess what the minimum wage would be if it kept pace with inflation or productivity? – Lots of politicians like to talk about working for minimum wage and how it wasn’t so bad. So, how much were they actually working for, in TODAY’s dollars? (Policy)

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