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Allegan County Democrats:

Although we wished to have started this newsletter off on a brighter note, we sadly must address the recent events that transpired at our nation’s capital first.

On January 6th, while Congress was in joint session confirming the votes of the electoral college, armed insurgents pushed through police and barricades to interrupt the ceremonial process taking place. Lives were lost, injuries were sustained, and a Confederate flag was paraded through the halls of congress – even during the Civil War, the closest this flag made it to Washington was Fort Sumter. 

This violent act should not have been a surprise to anyone. Plans were made and widely circulated throughout social media. President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and others addressed the crowd at a rally shortly before, encouraging them to continue their march to the Capitol Building, with Giuliani going so far as to suggest a “trial by combat.” Even as the violence progressed, a reluctant president made a brief statement, referring to the rioters as “loved” and “special.”

As Americans, regardless of political affiliation, this event and the rhetoric that lead to it should be a wake-up call that something has gone horribly wrong. As with any problem or malfunction, clues are left in the wake of the breakdown. In this case, a winding trail of hate speech guised as political activism and conspiracy theory as truth leads directly to the purveyors.

As Americans, we must also now hold our leaders accountable for their actions and responsible for the political healing that must take place to restore the soul of our nation.

Below are the email addresses and phone numbers for our elected representatives at both the state and federal level. Please thank them for their courage to stand up for democracy, or if this courage hasn’t been displayed, please urge them to take action in congress to hold the culprits accountable so justice can be restored and our nation can move forward.

Gary Peters

Debbie Stabenow

Bill Huizinga

Peter Meijer

Fred Upton

Mary Whiteford

Aric Nesbitt

This is not the start of the end. This is the start of a new beginning for America.

With the great voter turnout seen during the last election, as well as the impressive Democratic win in Georgia for both Senate seats, the Democratic Party is retooling itself with the grassroots support of members like you.

If Georgia taught us anything, it’s that victory starts locally. The efforts we make at the county level not only benefit our neighbors but can even shift the balance of power in congress.

In local news, Vice Chair of the Allegan County Democratic Party, Austin Marsman, was sworn in by the Hon. Elizabeth Welch, Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, to the Martin School Board. Austin, a 2018 graduate of Martin High School, is the youngest elected official serving Allegan County! Way to go, Austin! Photos from this event are at the bottom of this newsletter.

To help share the opinions of progressive leaders on the issues of the day, Three Rivers resident Andrew George has started a show with new episodes published each Wednesday at 11:00 AM. You can check out Andrew’s show HERE to learn more. To help support his effort, you can send donations HERE.

The Allegan County Democratic Party office will be starting early with spring cleaning this year. On January 24th at 1:00 PM, the furniture in the photos at the bottom of this newsletter will be available for free to those willing to come with a truck to take it home. We are also looking for volunteers this day to help with general clean up and moving furniture. Please email us if you are interested in assisting!

As the 2020 general election comes to a close with Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration, we are already looking to our next election cycle and need local candidates to run for office in Allegan County! If you are motivated to make a difference in your community, please reach out to Jill, our county’s party chair, at chair.allegandems@gmail.com.

As a reminder, the 2021 Spring State Convention for the Michigan Democratic Party will meet virtually on February 20th. To have voting privileges during this convention, please be sure to renew your membership with the MDP by January 21st. The link to do so is HERE, and the link for the convention is HERE.

Until next time – please be safe and wear your mask!

-The Allegan County Democratic Party

315 Hubbard Street,

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