Hate Has Consequences

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Hate has consequences

Hate mongers pay a price when exposed.

How do you find out about racists and white supremacists who would rather stay anonymous? One People’s Project (OPP) monitors and publishes information about far-right groups. – Wikipedia

IDAZVOX Podcast discusses hatred and racism

Exposing hate mongers

“In order for us to defeat the hate mongering that goes on in the country today, we are going to have to understand who they are, and what they are about, and where they are, and how they operate. You cannot do that without putting all the information out there about those individuals. OPP publishes information on the Idavox newsline”, said OPP founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins.

The reason why I did it was because I noticed that anti-abortion activists were doin’ to to abortion providers. And the courts at the time said that it was within their rights. And I said, “Okay, I’m not gonna get mad. I’m not gonna be outraged. I’m just gonna do it too.” But I’ll do it responsibly because that’s exactly how it should be done. That means I’m not using it as a weapon. I’m using it because I want people to know who the heck it is we’re dealin’ with.” – MSNBC

“Finally we must make this point clear. None of this information should ever be used to engage in any criminal activity against that person. There is no reason to be like the scum you will see. Keep yourself on the higher ground, and take in this information responsibly.” – One People’s ProjectIDAVOX on FacebookIdavox PodcastSupport One People’s Project

Daryl Lamont Jenkins

“Jenkins has been documenting and writing about right-wing individuals and organizations since 1989, while he was still serving in the Air Force as a police officer. In 2000, he founded One People’s Project out of a counter-protest to a rally in Morristown, New Jersey by Richard Barrett of the Nationalist Movement. ” – Wikipedia

Anti-abortionists dox doctors

“After anti-abortion activist Neal Horsley published a website that compiled a list of almost 200 active abortion providers and celebrated any act of violence against the providers and encouraged site visitors to take matters into their own hands.  Planned Parenthood sued Horsley and other anti-abortion activists that produced similar tactics with “wanted”-style posters of abortion doctors as being a threat to them. Although Planned Parenthood won the case they lost on appeal when a federal court ruled that the First Amendment protected the Nuremberg Files. That verdict — although overturned on appeal — paved the way for what would eventually be called “doxxing” in 2001, according to Jenkins in an interview. “We didn’t see it as a weapon,” he said. “We never used it as a threat. We wanted to be open about what we saw and this allowed us to be open.” Wikipedia

Daryle Lamonte Jenkins exposes white supremacists and extremists

Spreading hate has consequences

“Doxxing is a major hindrance to the far right, as it is one of the main stumbling blocks to real-world organization,” said George Hawley, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama who has studied the far right in America. As he sees it, the threat of exposure has taken a significant toll on the white nationalist movement. “The social consequences of being associated with one of these groups can be quite high,” he said, “and for that reason few people are willing to do more than post anonymously on the internet.”

Jenkins believes the recent successes of the doxxing campaign can be attributed to the changing nature of the far right. The current crop of white supremacists, known in the movement as “white nationalism 2.0,” are a different crowd than the 1.0 gang. “These are people who want to be in society,” he said. “They want to be doctors and politicians and police officers, and they can’t do that if they get publicly known as a Nazis. The 1.0 crowd didn’t care. They weren’t worried about getting into mainstream society.”

The 2.0 nationalists have much more to lose, but since they are part of the mainstream they are also, according to Jenkins, far more dangerous. This presents its own challenges for the doxxers of the anti-fascist movement. You can only get doxxed once; after that there is not much left to do to a person. “Doxxing is most effective against those white supremacists, often relatively new, who worry about leaving the closet.” said Mark Pitcavage, senior researcher at the Center on Extremism at the Anti-Defamation League. “It is most effective against those white supremacists, often relatively new, who worry about leaving the closet.” – New Republic

TakeAway: Hold people accountable for their hatred, racism and violence.


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