On the Eve of the Second Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

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Impeachment eve for GOP

The second impeachment of Donald Trump is about to begin. He has crossed the line once again with his fatal words that cost the lives of five people: two Capitol police officers, a veteran and two civilians, all through acts of terrorism. The FBI’s definition of domestic terrorism reads, “Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.” What happened on Capitol Hill was an act of terrorism, an insurrection, an attempted coup. These MAGA insurrectionists plotted to take over the Capitol building and kill government officials. They used military-style rifles, Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs — the type of weapons that terrorists use. 

Now, I know where Democrats stand on impeachment; they’ve been defending our democracy and the Constitution, especially throughout Trump’s presidency. The question is: What about Republicans? 

I know a few Republicans will vote for impeachment, like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and Lisa Murkowski, but lawkmakers like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and Josh Hawley will not only vote against impeachment, they will be remembered for having helped incite the terror attack at Capitol Hill. I can’t believe how far the Republican Party has fallen. I remember back when I was a Republican, they impeached a Democratic president for lying about infidelity. Many years later, Republicans tried to cast doubt upon Hillary Clinton based on conspiracy theories concerning her email and Benghazi. They deliberately took what she said out of context as a “gotcha” to malign her.

But these same Republicans will not vote for impeachment for Trump’s sedition? If you take Trump’s words and compare them to other dictators and terrorists, they are not that different. Look at Osama Bin Laden. His words inspired terrorists to attack D.C. and New York, just as Trump’s words inspired white supremacists to storm the Capitol building. If any regular person did this, they would be held accountable by being charged, tried and sent to prison. Why does Trump get a pass? Is the power he holds worth the lives that were lost in this terror attack? The vote for impeachment and removal is not intended to silence voters — it’s to show that no one is above the law. 

Every politician’s loyalty must be to defend the Constitution that protects the rights of the people from enemies foreign and domestic. Anyone who votes against impeachment is siding with terrorism, sedition and treason. As a veteran who upheld the oath to defend the Constitution, I will do my best to be sure traitors will be held accountable. Patriots do not attack U.S. government officials, terrorists do. 

Don’t slap Democrats in the face with your whataboutism of unity. We don’t unite with terrorists, we don’t negotiate with terrorists, and Trump is not above the law (which he violated) to protect our democracy and Constitution. So that nothing like this ever happens again, Trump has to be held accountable. Voting for impeachment and removal is the only moral and ethical choice.

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