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As we look forward to the fall, Democrats should be proud of the work the Biden administration has achieved. While Washington D.C. often feels like worlds away, the American Rescue Plan is affecting every single Missourian – for the better.

COVID-19 sent the U.S. economy into a tailspin, pushing us near unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression. And then January 20th, 2021 turned the train around. The economic growth since Biden took office is undeniable.

As Republicans jeopardize our economic recovery (more on that later), it is imparitive that Congress pass President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and bipartisan infrastructure deal to invest in America’s future and continue to strengthen our economy.

America’s future = Missouri’s future.

We hear so much about national and mass group numbers. How does it break down for specific communities? In the spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15), we investigated how the Build Back Better agenda has affected America’s Latino community.

Success: Medicaid Expanded!

Medicaid is *officially* expanded in Missouri! More than 300,000 of our neighbors are now eligible for healthcare. Apply here:

Thank you Missouri House Democratic Caucus for this summary:

Legislative Redistricting Commissions Update

Although the Republicans don’t like to talk about it, redistricting IS happening! We must share our voice at all of the public meetings to demand we get inclusive and fair new district lines. Mark these days on your calendar! Side note: Both commissions still have to vote on the time and location of some of the meetings because the GOP members are dragging their feet.

What a suprise. So, TBD on those important details for the November meetings.

  • October 16 in St. Louis: Renaissance St. Louis Hotel at 10:00AM 
  • October 18 in Springfield: University Plaza and Convention Center at 9:00 AM
  • October 19 in Kansas City: Marriot Downtown Kansas City at 9:00 AM AND 1:00 PM
  • October 21 in St. Louis: Renaissance St. Louis Hotel at 10:00AM 


Debt Ceiling Votes

Republican lawmakers are putting their hypocrisy on full display and playing politics with America’s future by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. The House and Senate Democrats are ready and have a package prepared to protect our COVID-fragile and growing economy, but Senate Republicans have all but guaranteed a filibuster.

Hypocrisy example 1: In 2019, after adding nearly $8 trillion in debt under President Trump, Mitch McConnell was adamantly against the United States defaulting on debt.

If Republicans through a tantrum and the party line patch expires, October 18th could be a fearful day…and October 19th may be even worse.

This could send our recovering economy into a tailspin, cost SIX MILLION American jobs, stop social security payments and block our soldiers from getting back.

HYPOCRISY at its finest.

Texas Democratic Office Firebombed

A Democratic County office was firebombed overnight on September 29th in Austin, Texas. Yes, you read that correctly.

Words matter. Actions matter. We know that, but the crazed-wing Republicans clearly don’t. This is just one example of how their violent rhetoric turns into real danger. And to top it off, Missouri’s own Josh Hawley proudly leads the charge. 

Thankfully, bystanders in Travis County were able to quickly extinguish the fire caused by a Molotov cocktail thrown in by a man with his face covered in an American flag printed, something. We aren’t sure what to call it?

Watch Rachel Maddow’s extended report here. After three tries, the perpetrator finally gets the outcome he wanted.

Over and over again, politicians in Hawley’s club* won’t condemn the Jan. 6th insurrectionists, won’t condemn the boiling hatred their speeches instill in their constituents and don’t take responsibility for their involvement. Or, when they do, it’s while they raise their fist in silent and sly support.

COVID-19 Booster Update

This week the CDC announced they do suggest a booster shot for Pfizer-BioTech vaccine receivers who qualify:

Read more insight and data from the CDC here.

What are we up to?

We are starting a new segment to include what MDP is currently working on. Your support and donations allow for us to do this work and we hope to give you an insider look.

Executive Director Randy and Chairman Butler are excited to get out into the community and reconnect with our supporters and volunteers. This past weekend, they both enjoyed a great Lawrence County Truman Day hosted by Jim and Pat Kabbell at their farm in Miller, MO. One hundred proud Democrats joined them. Chairman Butler also attended a Lincoln County Democratic Club event.

Let us know when your events are – we want to come!

Data Manager Andy  has been focused on restarting our text message campaign for a short, focused message – texting Dems about volunteering and registration, following along with the Voter Registration Day agenda. With help from a team of returning texters from last year, we spoke with over 3,200 people across Missouri; reached over 450 interested in volunteering; and helped 271 Dems register to vote. Thank you to our texters for stepping up in an odd year – helping us organize year in, year out, across Missouri.

And me, the Communcations Director, Bailey! I have put a solid 4,000 miles on my car while visiting so many of you throughout the state – north, south, east and west. This week, I spent some time with Sen. Jill Schupp and the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MOCADSV) to start a project for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which begins today. Stay tuned!

I am also excited to announce we have organized a biweekly call between myself and the Communications folks at the House and Senate – Thank you Travis, Andrew and Seth!

Centralized messaging, here we come.

*Community Announcement*

Did you see our news? We are honored to build the first Latino Caucus in Missouri.  Do you or anyone you know what to join as a member or ally? Contact Manny Abarca at

Help us build up for the fight against extremist Republicans in the 2022 elections. Missouri deserves better and we intend to demand it – together.

You can also purchase our new #MoDemsCare merchandise from our online store.

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The Missouri Democratic Party holds the distinction of being the oldest political party in the United States established west of the Mississippi River. For the last century, we’ve led the fight for working families. Today, we’re organizing in communities across Missouri to protect and build on our progress.

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