Persist & Resist – Dec. 9, 2020

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Forty-One Days to Go!! 

Action Items: Please write to our local Elected Officials

On Monday we requested you write to Gov. Ducey and also the local mayors & YC Board of Supervisors based on events that took place at the YC Courthouse Plaza on Dec. 5. 

We have been alerted to a memo that that was written by the Yavapai Co. Board of Health (April Rhodes, Carol Mumford, Cynthia Gentle, Dr. Charles Welly, Jeanne Briggs, Kristin Lord, Mary Mallory, Mitzi Wasden, Russell Duerksen, Stephen Nathenson, Tim Barnett, Dr. William Thrift) to the Yavapai County Supervisors, Mayors and Councilmen:

 The Yavapai County Board of Health has continued to follow the pandemic of COVID- 19. Since July we have seen fortunately few cases of 8-10 per day. Sadly, in the past month those cases have increased to more than 200 per day countywide. Nearly half of hospital beds in the county are occupied by COVID-19 patients. We are now seeing more than two deaths per day of Yavapai County residents. Additionally, we are continuing to observe the impact of the latest rise in cases in our community. Our outpatient healthcare sites, including our testing partners, have been overwhelmed with the demand for testing, results management, and healthcare staffing. The local schools are struggling with the provision of some services e.g. bus services, as staff are unable to work due to illness. These numbers will undoubtedly overflow into the local hospital system as a percentage of these positive patients will need higher level care. It is paramount that our local healthcare system maintains capacity to care for acute illness within the community, COVID related and otherwise.
     It is well documented that mitigation measures can decrease the community spread of COVID- 19. Those strategies are well outlined by the CDC.
     Given the significant rise seen the past month, The Yavapai County Board of Health strongly urges you to take strong action to protect your constituents by requiring they follow the mask guidelines published by the CDC and forgo large in-person gatherings this holiday season.
     These guidelines take into consideration various circumstances. Your constituents should follow these guidelines when they are not able to maintain an appropriate distance in public.
     Our duty is to promote the health and safety of the citizens of Yavapai County.
     We respectfully request you take necessary measures to protect the citizens of Yavapai County.  

     /s/ Jeanne Briggs, Chair   (dated 12/4/20)

Please write to Mayors Greg Mengarelli (, Kell Palguta ( and Darryl Croft ( and Craig Brown, Chair of the YC Board of Supervisors ( today! Please refer to this letter.  Also mention that the City of Prescott and the county offices are closed to the public due to a rise in COVID among the staff.  Last week the county reported 134 cases of COVID in their staff.

  • In the past six days there have been 1,335 new cases of COVID in Yavapai County. Prescott Valley has the highest incidence rate.
  • Watch the Prescott Courthouse Lighting video — a superspreader event if there ever was one (in case you missed it on Monday). .
  • This is an excerpt from a letter to the editor our PI member Deb Thalasitis submitted to the Courier. You can use what is in bold when you write your email.  

The events surrounding the Yavapai Co. Courthouse Lighting…wholeheartedly showed that the strategy of “personal responsibility” advocated by the majority of our elected officials throughout Yavapai County is a complete failure.  We need a common sense plan for public health mitigation measures from our elected leaders, backed up by enforceable action, with flexibility based on case numbers.  

 Arizona Mask Protocol 
                                                        Call for Citizen Action – Keep Up the Pressure!                                                            Continue to email/text/tweet to Gov. Ducey 

As of December 7, 12 states do not require mask mandates and Arizona is one of them.  Only seven of Arizona’s 15 counties require masks and not every city requires masks.  This haphazard approach does not control the spread of COVID and puts every Arizonan, our economy, tourism, and our health care system at increased risk from higher surges of infection, hospitalizations and death.

  • Keep contacting Governor Ducey’s office every day.  We kicked off the campaign on December 7 and we want to keep up the pressure.
  • Ask the Governor to immediately implement a mask protocol for ALL of Arizona.  (suggested language below or use your own).
  • Additionally, post a request to the Governor’s Facebook Page or send him a Tweet.
  • Share this request with your friends and any groups or associations that you are a member of.

Feel free to use or amend the following language in your emails, letters, posts or tweets.  Don’t forget to personalize an intro with something about yourself, such as “My name is Bob Smith and am writing as a concerned citizen and owner of the Tiger’s Eye Gift Shop in Gilbert, AZ” or “My name is Jane Smith and I am writing as a concerned citizen and a member of the Arizona Museum Association.”

Arizona is experiencing a significant surge in COVID-19 infections that shows no sign of slowing.  Only six of Arizona’s 15 counties require masks. ASU’s Bio Design Institute and the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics are predicting that Arizona will have a significant death rate if no additional public health measures are put in place.  Further, current estimates predict that hospitals will run out of ICU space and staffing by the first week in January, if not sooner.  I urge you to immediately implement a state-wide mask protocol as an additional public health measure to contain and manage the spread of this virus.  Keeping Arizonians and our visitors safe is vital to our economy, tourism, and health care systems.  Thank you for your consideration.
 Contact Form Link:
Email Address:
Phone:  602-542-4331 Phoenix  520-628-6580 Tucson
Mailing Address:  1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ  85007
Twitter Handle:  @dougducey

Message from the PI Chair

Several days ago, Anne and I were hiking in the beautiful Prescott National Forest when Anne spotted a “Black Lives Matter” painted rock sitting in the crook of a tree. When I looked at it, I was surprised at how much it touched my heart! Just for the record, I am totally pro-BLM movement and I think that in order for us to evolve before we destroy ourselves and the planet, we are going to have to unite and adopt a common stance of appreciating the sacredness of all of life.

But how are we going to do that? How do I know if what words I speak or action I take is going to move us toward evolution or destruction? I’m going to share with you my own personal “test” to determine if what I’m considering is a good choice. Just like my reaction to seeing the BLM rock in the tree, when I speak words or take action, I notice how it affects my heart. It’s as simple as that. If it opens up or feels warm, I decide it’s a good choice. If I can feel some kind of a contraction knowing that my words will hurt someone (even someone I am not politically aligned with!) then I haven’t chosen wisely. Sometimes I have to sit on a possible response for days before I know what to say or do.

Prescott Indivisible is a grassroots movement and as we are approaching the end 2020, this seems like a good time for some personal and group introspection so that we can choose wisely which direction we want to move. How do we do that? I (Mavis Brauer) would like to hear your ideas. You can email me at Thank you.

Decisions, Decisions!

There are many options on how to help Prescott Indivisible grow and become even more of a leader in the state.  You have the opportunity to volunteer for a statewide team. Our regional organizer, Tricia Sauer, suggests 2-3 members of each Indivisible group per team. The teams will determine when/how often they meet and how they communicate (email, google groups, slack). The teams will report in statewide calls what actions need to be taken, provide resources, etc.  Please read the list and contact Mavis to volunteer.

Since Tricia suggests 2-3 members per team, why not pair up with a friend and sign up together?  It’s always good to have someone you know by your side.

State Legislature Team – Lead: Cathy Sigmon; this team will focus on the state legislature 2021 session. They will also set goals for each Indivisible group to find new people to RTS, attend virtual committee hearings together and do calls to action.

Federal Team – Needs a Lead – This team will meet with our Senators and/or their staff on a regular basis to promote what policies and legislation we are advocating for and to support our Democrat Senator in their needs. They will also tract the National calls to action; policy and sit on the NCN Policy Calls. The group members who best fit this group are extremely interested in policy and advocating at the federal level.

Redistricting Team –  Lead: Deborah Howard. Voters should choose their leaders, not the other way around. A fair redistricting process assures fair districts, fair districts lead to responsive, responsible government. This group will educate and inform the Indivisible community and allies on redistricting and the work of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission; monitor and track the Commission’s work; and facilitate community participation and input into the public process.

AREA-A: Anti-Racist Education and Action Arizona Team – Lead: Rosemary Dixon; To educate white people, while simultaneously working to actively address and eradicate racism in all its forms. White people have a responsibility to stand in support of BIPOC in order to amplify and uplift all the voices that comprise our beloved community. The purpose of the group is to be a voice for justice. We understand that we cannot speak for BIPOC but that we can speak up when we see injustice. It is our firm belief that, once white people understand the historical and current structures of racism, we are better equipped to dismantle them. There will be calls to action to take back to our groups.

Social Media Team – Needs Lead: This team will build statewide strength using facebook/twitter and fight disinformation together. The social media person for each Indivisible group should sit in on this team.

2022 Governor’s Race Accountability Team – Needs Lead: This team will be similar to the McSally Accountability Team but will be focussed on whichever Republican candidate we’ll have in 2022. This team will help create the narrative and strategy using letters to the editor, social media, attending events, etc. The goal is to destroy the brand name of their candidate – just like we did with McSally!

Community Building – Needs Lead: This team will share ideas and organize fun social moments that our groups can participate in to get to know each other and to build community – from happy hours to trivia night to anything in between. Some of you may already have this type of team but others are asking for help

Steering Committee Elections in February 2021

If you would like to become involved in our organization, either as a new member of the steering committee or in another role that highlights your special skills and talents, please send Mavis Brauer an email at If you are unfamiliar with the duties of officers and members-at-large, check out our Guidelines on the website.

Prescott Indivisible has an opening for the volunteer position of backup treasurer. You will be working with the treasurer. Please send a short email with your qualifications and availability to Jane Doyle at Please respond before December 21st. 

Prescott Indivisible supported our endorsed candidates before the election and we reached over 20,000 voters. Although not all of our candidates won, each time we support a progressive voice on the ballot, we increase our chances of winning an election in the future. All of this support is paid for from donations. Since we can’t meet in person and pass the “tupperware pitcher” at our meetings, please donate here.

PI’s Dec. 3rd Meeting on You Tube!

Here’s the link to the YouTube video from the meeting: has been posted to the PI Facebook page if you’d like to share it on the PI home page, newsletter or on Twitter.
If you watch it until the end there is bonus footage of last year’s holiday party. Remember when we could all be together?
Thanks to our videographer, Bill Court. 

Prescott Virtual Community Town Hall – “Creating Vibrant Communities”It is up to us!

Progressive and thoughtful voices need to be heard at this Town Hall.  It is the opportunity for all of us who live in the quad-  cities to make our voices heard. The report from the Prescott Commission on Well Being will no doubt be a template for other cities and towns in Yavapai County.  

 Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 1-4p                                                               
Register for the zoom meeting HERE

 Background – Creating Vibrant Communities

  • The Prescott Commission on Well-Being’s mission is to engage citizens who live, learn, work, and play in the Prescott region in the lifelong pursuit of well being through communication, motivation, and action. Like the individual branches of a healthy thriving tree, well-being includes living with purpose; supportive relationships through family, friends, and community; financial security; a sense of community that encourages residents to support, encourage, and inspire one another; and physical health.
  • Please join the Commission and Arizona Town Hall and their sponsors to discuss the most important actions that should be taken to improve the Prescott region’s overall well-being and to make Prescott the premier city of well-being in America.
  • Please read these two reports  Creating Vibrant Communities (key facts) and Creating Background Communities, background report.

Thursday, December 17, 2020 6-8pm. Virtual Meeting – Yavapai County Community Vision Statements – General Questions and Clarifications for Communities – Yavapai County is initiating a process to update the County Comprehensive Plan, which it is required to do every 10 years. The County expects the process to conclude in late 2022. This meeting is part of a series of sessions to help communities craft Vision Statements that will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan.  For those community representatives who cannot attend a session, the County will make recordings available on their website. The County also will be assembling a Citizens Advisory Committee that will provide important input on updating the Comprehensive Plan. You can request a seat on the Advisory Committee by contacting your County Supervisor.  A link to sign onto the Webex Meeting may be found on the CWAG Web Calendar listing for this event, or click here when the meeting is scheduled to start. (Use passcode –  146 270 3242).(

City of Prescott Commission Vacancies

Boards, commissions and committees provide opportunities for citizens to take an active role in their local government.  Members are appointed by the City Council upon recommendation from the Council Subcommittee on Appointments following review of applications. There are vacancies on the following:
Airport Advisory Committee (you don’t have to be a resident of Prescott for this one); Board of Adjustment;  Building Safety Advisory and Appeals Board;  Fire Board of Appeals; Pedestrian, Bicycle & Traffic Advisory Committee and the Prescott Preservation Commission
Applications are due to the city by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 15, 2021.
For more information on the groups, visit the City of Prescott Boards & Commissions Vacancies or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 928-777-1272. 

Update from No. AZ Climate Change Alliance

Saturday, December 12th @ 5pm.   Join our first online NAZCCA fundraiser!  A virtual night of education and fundraising will help our organization continue the work to inform and engage people from all walks of life to join a broad and diverse climate movement. Please purchase a ticket to support NAZCCA’s climate education programs, advocacy for municipal action and professional community organizers that drive our progress to fulfill our mission in Northern Arizona. 

The highlight of the night is the keynote by Climate Activist Nikki Cooley from NAU’s Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals. The FUNdraiser Celebration will include volunteer recognition, climate action trivia, “Break Out for Climate Action”, inspiring musical guests, raffle prizes, and more! We have an exclusive online silent auction featuring the work of local artists, Colorado River trips, and much more. 

Learn more about the FUNdraiser Celebration HERE.  Tickets are $20 or $10 for students  PURCHASE TICKET
Contact Patrick Grady if you have any questions.

NAZCCA Presents via Zoom: Registration Link:

Title: Resetting Our Future ~ What if Solving the Climate Crisis is Simple?

Description: Join Northern AZ Climate Change Alliance for this inspiring conversation with Tom Bowman.  An advisor, speaker, and changemaker who believes that the solutions to even the world’s toughest problems are within our grasp. His gift for distilling complex problems and scientific information to their central nugget empowers people to take ownership and act.
Tom Bowman has never bought the idea that some problems are too complex to solve. In his book, Resetting Our Future: What if Solving the Climate Crisis Is Simple? Bowman slices through the Gordian knot of dispiriting misperceptions surrounding climate change with razor-like precision. In the process, he offers a solution that is as accessible and inspiring as it is practical and achievable.
Bowman’s contributions as a strategic advisor on an Action for Climate Empowerment framework for the United States are helping shape our world’s future. This strategic framework is an initiative by educators, activists, policymakers, communication professionals, and others to advance the goals of the Paris Agreement.  Learn more:

Georgia’s Senatorial Race

It is crucial that the Democratic candidates for Georgia’s two Senate seats win. The Democratic candidates are Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. If they both win, Democrats will have fifty senators (No more Republican majority!) and Kamala Harris (as the new VP) will decide tie votes in the Senate. Here is how you can help.

  • Both candidates are taking donations on their campaign sites. 
  • If you miss writing postcards, go to the Georgia Postcard Project and sign up.  Fill in their form and they will contact you.
  • Or go to Flip the West Postcards
  • Want to write letters? Vote Forward – These are form letters that have blank spaces for you to add your own personal note. You’ll have to pay postage for a letter rather than a postcard. When you “adopt” the number of recipients you choose, the name and address of the recipient will appear on the letter you’ll download and print.  Sign up here: Vote Forward sign up  Website:    
  •  Is phone banking your thing? Contact Fair Fight Action (FFA) Stacey Abrams – Fair Fight Action. When you sign up for a shift, you’ll need to do a mandatory Zoom Training that covers the material. Or sign up for the Color of Changeevent page.
  • Jon Ossoff –    Jon Ossoff Phone Banking
  • Raphael Warnock – Mobilize for Rev. Warnock
  • Indivisible Resource Page

IMPORTANT! This is the day prior to the special election in Ga.  Sign up now:  GOTV Call-a-Thon with special guest — Alyssa Milano!
Join Indivisibles and activist Alyssa Milano to call Georgia voters in the final hours before the runoff election. By talking to these voters directly, you’ll have a chance to empower them to turn out to help push Warnock and Ossoff across the finish line. 
Date: January 4, 2021, at 6 pm EST — Register here.

Operation Deep Freeze – Keeping the Homeless Safe!

Operation Deep Freeze is an overflow shelter that opens when temps reach 32 Degrees or Below. No one should be left out in the cold.
Donations can be made at the Coalition for Compassion & Justice Website:  Donate here and Salvation Army Website: Donate Here
You and your friends can organize and help provide a hot meal for OPERATION DEEP FREEZE – Use our MEAL TRAIN APP to sign up! Click here.  You can even sign up to use Grub Hub to deliver a Meal!  If you have any questions or would like to Donate or Volunteer, contact

Start a discussion on:
TWITTER: @IndivisPrescott
Facebook (Public page) /Facebook (Closed group) 
New email –
Prescott Indivisible on YouTube 





DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

Prescott Indivisible was founded in 2017, when Paul Hamilton and Nicole Romine put an ad in the local paper, requesting local progressives to show up at the library. Over 100 people lined up. In short order, we had formed a local chapter of the national Indivisible movement. Within six months we adopted a set of Guidelines that sets the framework in which we work, designed a logo and printed and sold t-shirts. Our mailing list quickly expanded from 100 to over 1,200. We usually have 100 or more attend our general monthly meetings.

Prescott Indivisible has a strong track record of activism. We adopted the team concept: Communication/Events; Voter Education and Elections; Education; Environment; Human Rights; Immigration and Peacekeepers to assist with safely issues. Initially we had a steering committee that consisted of volunteers. After our guidelines were adopted, the steering committee is made up of elected officers and members at large and the heads of the various teams, or their designees. A diverse group of community activists, social justice advocates and others that have volunteer ties to non-profits and religious organizations, the steering committee assists the teams when asked and sets the agendas.

Our teams and their members have worked diligently to make their voices heard. We have made thousands of calls, mailed hundreds of postcards to our legislators in Arizona and in congress. We have collaborated with like-minded organizations to advocate for issues of crucial importance to Arizona and the nation.

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