Republicans Are Revving Up Their Dark Money Machine Once Again

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Friends – Hundreds of millions of dollars are flooding into the two races that will determine who controls the U.S. Senate.

Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff advanced to runoffs in Georgia, and now Mitch McConnell and Trump’s allies are pulling out all the stops to hold them back – which is why $125 million and counting has already poured into these races.

The polls show both of these races are TIED, so Republicans are revving up their dark money machine once again to swing these races in the GOP’s favor. Some reports say that spending in just these two races could top $1 billion.

These runoffs will determine what Democrats can accomplish during a Biden presidency, Taylor, which is why it’s so urgent that we make up ground on the GOP’s spending advantage.

Quickly now, split a donation between Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight and the DLCC to help turn out voters in Georgia and then elect more state Democrats everywhere >>


Joe Biden flipped Georgia blue in the 2020 elections – which means Democrats CAN flip these two Senate seats blue, too.

But with so much right-wing money pouring in, it’s going to take a monumental Democratic organizing effort to pull this off.

That’s why Stacey Abrams founded Fair Fight: To finally end GOP voter suppression and ensure that Democratic candidates up and down the ballot aren’t cheated out of victories. That work has never been more important – and that’s why we’re asking everyone to step up today.



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