We Won!

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Dear Friends,

President-elect Joe Biden. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Both have an amazing ring to them.

And today — the day that it became clear that Donald Trump will be a one-term president — will be one of the most important in our nation’s history.

I want to thank every single person who made phone calls, chipped in support, and fought their hearts out for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. You all played an essential role in this historic election win. While Ohio didn’t go blue in the presidential race, every single volunteer, activist and Democratic voter kept the Trump campaign engaged and spending time and resources in Ohio. They were worried up until the final days and hours, and every hour and dollar Trump spent here was an hour and dollar he didn’t spend in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Politics is a team sport, and everyone who pitched in from Ohio owns a piece of this historic victory — the day that we saved our democracy for future generations.

Ohioans have a lot to be proud of: Jennifer Brunner’s election to the Ohio Supreme Court, historic wins at the local level and in judicial races across the state. We also saw tough losses and troubling trends in important parts of our state — there’s no sugarcoating those disappointments, and we so appreciate every candidate, win or loss, who left it all on the field. There’s a lot of work to do, important conversations to have and lessons to learn.

But today we celebrate the end of the Trump presidency and thank every person in Ohio and across the country who played a role in making that happen. You were there when your country needed you most.

Get some rest, Betty, and spend time with your loved ones — then let’s get back to work.

With gratitude,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party

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