Election Day Reflections

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These last few months have felt like years. Sleep has been fleeting as we have tried to provide you with thoughtful and informative pieces created by a wonderful group of writers. We’ve shared our thoughts with you too, and we hope they’ve brought some clarity into the confusion of 2020. Some of our writers are professionals, some are talented amateurs; but all of us are united in our determination to save our country and return morality and ethics to our government.

We have also been blessed with a first-class editing team led by Joanne Oyer. They have made it possible for us to keep the content flowing. The editors make us all look good. We look forward to giving them happier, more hopeful pieces to work on soon.

Election Day and the end of the Election Season has finally arrived. We will be spending the day calling and texting voters and doing everything we can to make sure that every American’s voice is heard. If you haven’t voted yet, get out there NOW! If there is a line, stay there until your vote is cast. There are lots of text banking and phone banking opportunities still available, so let’s all do our part until the very last minute! And check back after the final vote is cast for post-election actions.

Mindy Schwartz & Rena Korb

Managing Editors

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