Wednesday’s “Doin’ the Dialin'” Phonebanks

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Today’s Phonebanks!

One week to Go! Hit the Phones! Let’s win BIG!

Call the Phoenix neighborhoods key to a bottom-up AZ win: from the most flippable state legislature in the country to the Senate to the White House. 1 call = triple effect!

Call Arizona with Swing Left Peninsula!
Wednesday, 3:00 PM Pacific
Sign Up Here!

Phone Banking “Lite”: Call previous phone bankers to sign them up for GOTV phone shifts. A very receptive audience… mostly Bay Area volunteers! Call at 12:00 or 6:00.

Recruit GOTV Volunteers!
Wednesday, 12:00 or 6:00 PM Pacific
Sign Up Here!

Join promptly at the start times for training.

Did you sign up? Make calls? Do you have questions? Feeling timid? Let us know! Reply to this email and fill us in. We want your feedback.

Every call counts and the more callers, the more effective the autodialers are, so you are doubly needed!

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