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Dark-Money Group Funds Nasty, Misleading Ads Against Judge Jennifer Brunner

In a sign that corporate special interests aren’t ready to relinquish their control of Ohio’s redistricting process, a Republican dark-money group funded by Big Pharma, the oil and gas industry and tobacco companies — an avowed “national organization exclusively dedicated to electing Republicans to state legislatures” — is airing a nasty, misleading ad attacking Judge Jennifer Brunner, despite her opponent and another justice seeking re-election taking a “clean campaign pledge.”


Ohio Republicans are so desperate to keep control of the Ohio Supreme Court that they’ve brought in Karl Rove to help raise money for one of the incumbent justices.


Desiree Tims in Statistical Tie with Opponent Mike Turner

Desiree Tims is in a “statistical tie” with Congressman Mike Turner in Ohio’s 10th Congressional District according to new polling. Tims’ surging momentum comes only two weeks after her campaign set a fundraising record by raising the most money in a quarter of any candidate to run in her district.

“This campaign is powered by grit and grassroots energy,” said Tims. “I’m running for Congress to bring Republicans and Democrats together to get things done for the Miami Valley. I’ll fight for lower health care costs. I’ll fight to bring good jobs with higher paychecks to the Miami Valley. And I’ll fight to protect our community from gun violence. It’s time we had someone in Congress who will put our community first — and deliver for all of us.”

Watch her ad calling out Mike Turner here:


Betsy Rader Launches New Ad

Betsy Rader launched a new ad after her opponent broadcast misleading, malicious ads against her. Her opponent can’t run on the issues, so instead he’s spreading lies about her and her campaign. Her ad emphasizes a need for the truth, something she’ll be fighting for.

Watch her ad here:


Native Ohioans Lend Their Voices to Help Women Candidates

Native Ohioans like Yvette Nicole Brown, Sherri Saum, Rachael Harris, Kathryn Hahn and Sarah Jessica Parker are showing their support for great women candidates running for the Ohio Statehouse. Watch and share!

Sherri Saum for Amy Cox


Rachael Harris for Crystal Lett


Kathryn Hahn for Monique Smith


Yvette Nicole Brown for Ohio House Democratic Leader Emilia Sykes


Sarah Jessica Parker for State Rep. Jessica Miranda and Sara Bitter

Take Action

Support Judge Jennifer Brunner and Judge John P. O’Donnell

Our Supreme Court candidates are dealing with nasty, misleading ads, so we have to show we’re on their side. Judicial races are nonpartisan, which means voters may not be sure who to vote for. Help spread the word by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter!

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Show Up

Please join us for a socially distanced parade to the polls and rally in your community this weekend! There you will be able to meet candidates, decorate your cars with your favorite candidates’ campaign swag, grab a bite to eat and gather with members of the community before driving down to your early voting location to cast your vote!


Northeast Ohio:

Northwest Ohio:

Southeast Ohio:

Southwest Ohio:

Central Ohio:

Stay Informed
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In solidarity,

Kathy DiCristofaro, Chair
Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus


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