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It’s Thursday, and all 10 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee boycotted the vote for hard-right extremist Amy Coney Barrett. It didn’t stop the committee from passing her through to the main event, but it did reset the optics from “passive acceptance” to “active resistance” against this dangerous candidate –  the one we called out yesterday for her decision that a Black teenage didn’t have the constitutional right to breathe.

Now GOP senators will have to go on record for voting for a Supreme Court justice who is guaranteed to destroy their constituents’ access to healthcare and other safety-net programs. Oooooh, is the forced-birth issue so important, that their constituents with pre-existing conditions will forgive them their vote? Will they buy into Trump’s fiction that the unicorn-GOP-Healthcare-plan is just around the corner? Hmmm…Let’s ask! We have scripts for both Dems and GOP senators. There may be a budding John McCain amongst the invertebrates in the

To repeat from yesterday, if this is the first time you’ve really thought about Amy Coney Barrett, there was a great article in the Hill yesterday about originalism (no, it’s terrifying, not boring…) ( and the ever-vigilent Alliance for Justice folks have full reports on every aspect of her decision-making.

Check out the actions to our legislators about her
This is the last day for Ojai’s Mandala event – open from 1pm – 5pm. “No artistic experience or skill is needed, just a desire and willingness to participate. This is an all-ages FREE event.”

Tonight at 6:00 pm PT was the last presidential debate, with Trump’s least favorite topics on the menu: “Fighting COVID-19,” “American Families,” “Race in America,” “Climate Change,” “National Security” and “Leadership.” CNN is hosting this time.

We’ve included links for debate bingo cards, and a “text-a-voter” campaign for each time you get annoyed. are also links for some cool election graphics for your phone and social media.

Today’s featured phonebank is Swing Left and their Super State campaign. Sign up here.

Resource: “It’s Not Too Late to Persuade Republican Loved Ones to Vote Democrat”
On our GOTV list ( we’ve added some new opportunities to help.

TEXT BLACK VOTERS: People For the American Way Foundation is volunteering with Defend the Black Vote campaign to text Black voters in states across the country in an effort to fight back against voter suppression efforts and increase voter turnout in 2020. Sign up here:

CALL AND TEXT MOMS: Moms Rising is coordinating GOTV calls/texts to moms who don’t always vote. Sign up here:

(Voter Guide =
This election is not going to be easy. A lot of Trump voters are “sleepers,” afraid to admit their choice, except in the privacy of a voting booth or at their kitchen table with a mail-in ballot in front of them. The outcome is not determined, but we must be. We need to get every non-voter who thinks their voice is unimportant, to turn out and help.and help.

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