Help Us Make This GOP Nightmare Come True & Tomorrow’s Committee Vote

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With more than 450 seats flipped since Donald Trump’s election, Democrats have been building momentum for the last four years to win BIG in a couple of weeks.

Republicans know this too, which is why just a few days ago, the leader of a national GOP dark-money group warned that “state Republicans are BEHIND” and “the situation we’re facing on Election Day is dire.”

If there’s a chance of making those warnings come true, we need to ramp up our efforts NOW – before it’s too late.

The GOP are right to panic. They only have 13 days left to try to stave off defeat with a historically unpopular president at the top of their ticket. To seal the deal, Democrats need an unprecedented surge of grassroots support in the states.

After 2016, Democratic voters, supporters, and donors across the nation mobilized like never before to elect Democrats to state legislatures. Now, we only need to flip 48 seats to flip 10 legislative chambers in key battleground states.

Chambers across the country are on the verge of flipping blue

Just like our past Democratic victories, we can’t do this without your help. If we want to win, we need every grassroots supporter to push even harder to take down Republicans at the ballot box this year.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is voting TOMORROW on Trump’s right-wing nominee for the Supreme Court.

This is your last chance to speak out against Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination – and everybody should because American voters deserve the chance to weigh in on a nomination to the most important court in our country.

But Trump and the Republicans are disregarding the wishes of most Americans – and their so-called “principles” from four years ago – by trying to push through their nominee just days before the election.

This isn’t normal. In 2016, Senate Republicans refused to consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee 237 days before Election Day.

But this year, the GOP is forcing through a nominee to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat with just a few days to go until Election Day.

This vote tomorrow endangers one of the most important institutions in American democracy, and this is your last chance to speak out before it happens.

It’s time to take a stand: Sign the petition to say you REJECT any confirmation vote before the inauguration.


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