14 Days Till Election Day

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Blue Beginning

Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving

Two weeks from today, the last votes will be cast. Three weeks after that we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving. We propose a toast! To science and facts. To humility and decency and compassion. To our neighbors of all colors and origins. To a living wage and fair distribution of our nation’s plenty. To universal health care, the Paris climate accord, racial justice, the rule of law . . . and to you Indivisible Chicagoans, for doing the work and giving our weary souls something to be thankful for. 

Our turkey-in-chief is cooking in his own juices. To finish him off, turn up the heat for the last 14 days. 

Prepare for the End Days 

The end of Trump. The end of an error. The end of our long national nightmare. It all comes down to the Last Weekend of the campaign. We’re going all out all day every day from Saturday October 31 through Tuesday November 3. Canvassing, texting, phone banks, whatever it takes wherever we’re needed. To learn more and sign up for several shifts, see our Last Weekend schedule and   3states1mission.com.

Don’t forget the Senate 

Getting rid of Trump will be a hollow victory indeed if we don’t also rid ourselves of Mitch McConnell. To do that we need a majority in the Senate, and to get that we need to protect Gary Peters in Michigan and elect Theresa Greenfield in Iowa. We’re phone banking to both states and knocking doors in Michigan (see below). Check the schedules and make it happen.

We’re canvassing in Michigan

In our final push to flip Michigan blue, we’re organizing canvasses in the nearby southwest part of the state to talk with Democratic voters we have not been able to reach through phone calls or texts. Volunteers will be responsible for their own transportation to locations 1.5-2 hours from Chicago. Pre-canvass health screening and safety training will be provided at the Michigan staging sites. BYO mask. We’ll have morning and afternoon shifts except Sunday, which has two afternoon shifts. Note that listed times are eastern daylight time, one hour later than Chicago time. Additional details will be provided after signup.

Photo by Denise Stokes via Unsplash

Visit us at bluebeginning.org. Email us at bluebeginning2017@gmail.com. Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members.

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