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 “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” — Sun Tzu


Contact all Federal Members of Congress  
(includes contact info and links to social media)

 Fax legislators for free:

Or use Resistbot:

Purchase stamps, postcards, and other mailing supplies:

White House contact:

 ASK GOP LEADERS TO PUBLICLY PRESSURE TRUMP TO MAKE A STRONG STATEMENT AGAINST WHITE SUPREMACY AND ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTION: On Tuesday night, candidate Joe Biden said he would encourage his supporters to stay calm while the votes were counted and not to declare victory until the election had been independently certified, while Trump railed on about election fraud, sowing seeds of doubt geared to fracture our increasingly fragile democracy. When asked what he would say to white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys, he advised them to “stand back and stand by.” These statements should be unacceptable to anyone on either side of the aisle who truly believes in our democracy and our Constitution. Let’s ask the Republican leaders in Congress and in our state to make a strong public statement that they will support the independently certified election results and that they condemn white supremacy. 

 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE:   In a Washington Post piece–  (or  –columnist Margaret Sullivan proposes that the Commission on Presidential Debatescancel the remaining two debates between Trump and Biden; given that Trump seems unwilling to follow the rules to which his campaign agreed, unable to control his tendency toward bullying, insult, and ridicule,  and loath even to extend common courtesy toward the moderator or his opponent, granting him further airtime seems fruitless: we learn nothing substantive, only that Trump is as unhinged as we suspected and Biden harder to rile. Teachers are also concerned what debates like this will do to children: though the Commission has announced there will be changes,  we know nothing can make Trump behave better.  Let’s urge the Commission to cancel the remaining two presidential debates—and say why—or at the very least to give moderators a mute button and permission to use it: CPD Exec. Dir. Janet H. Brown (202) 872-1020 or 2600 Virginia Ave NW Ste 400, Washington, DC 20037 or tweet them @Debates

TELL OUR REPS TO SUPPORT SCHIFF BILL TO COMBAT PRESIDENTIAL CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER:  After Tuesday’s debate debacle, it is clear to many that Trump’s opponent is less Biden and more Democracy itself. Our entire system is under attack and we must defend it.  Congressman Adam Schiff’s much needed Protect Our Democracy Act (not yet numbered) designed to “prevent future presidential abuses, restore our system of checks and balances, strengthen accountability and transparency, and protect our elections” is a worthy start. This comprehensive bill limits presidential abuse of pardons, and the statute of limitations, strengthens Congressional subpoenas and power of the purse, protects the Inspector General and whistleblowers, strengthens the Hatch Act and enforces protection of elections from foreign interference. We can read main points of the bill here: , full text here:  then call and ask our Reps to support and pass it.

 THE BREATHE ACT:  The Electoral Justice Project of the Movement for Black Lives has launched the BREATHE Act . This bill, a 21st-century Federal civil rights bill that will help communities of color not just survive, but thrive”, is being sponsored in the House by Reps Alanna Pressley (D-MA) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who need our help in urging our representatives to support them–which we can do here: can also become a community co-sponsor, and tell our MoCs at the state and federal level that we support radical change to our criminal justice system through the Breathe Act. Let’s also use this toolkit to learn how we can grow the grassroots movement on social media. We can use the sample tweets and Facebook and Instagram posts, and share graphics.

 AMY BARRETT CONFIRMATION:  Judge Barrett is meeting with Republicans on the Hill prior to her confirmation hearing.  Let’s let our senators know that if they vote to replace RBG before the inauguration, we will work tirelessly to vote them out.  We can also tweet at them:

WRITE TO JUDGE AMY CONEY BARRETT: It seems that the only person who can actually stop Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is Judge Barrett herself.  We can appeal to her sense of right and goodness.  We can speak from our heart to hers. Here is one such letter:  Let’s write our own postcard to her at Hon. Amy C. Barrett, Robert K. Rodibaugh United States Courthouse, 401 S. Michigan St., South Bend, IN 46601-230. (h/t)

 TELL OUR SENATORS TO QUIZ SC NOMINEE ABOUT UPHOLDING SETTLED ANTI ELECTION STEALING LAW: A desperate Trump is trying to get state GOP legislators to ignore potential Biden victories and appoint pro-Trump electors instead. Democratic Governors would veto this, but the GOP might try to take it to a Trump-friendly Supreme Court, which would have to overturn a historic ruling to let Trump steal the election. At stake is a key Supreme Court ruling from 1932, Smiley v. Holm, where the Minnesota state legislature was barred from changing election rules over a similar veto. An impartial court would let this ruling stand, but a partisan pro-Trump one would sweep this obstacle out of his way.  Nominee Amy Barrett can send a clear signal that this kind of partisan gamesmanship will not be tolerated, even by a conservative court, by committing to upholding Smiley in her confirmation hearings. Let’s call and tell our Senators to ask Amy Barrett if she will uphold Smiley as settled law and if she believes the Constitution allows state legislatures to appoint electors without passing a law to do so.

SHUT DOWN ICE DETENTION CENTER IN IRWIN COUNTY, GEORGIA: After nurse Dawn Wooten blew the whistle on alleged nonconsensual sterilizations and other human rights abuses, a Congressional delegation visited the center this weekend. Rep. Joaquin Castro stated that they found little or no PPE to protect against COVID. Medical requests repeatedly ignored. Burning hot water for showers. Women given other people’s used underwear to wear. Bedsheets not changed for more than three weeks.’s contact our MoCs and the Acting Secretary of DHS, Chad Wolf, (202-282-8495; DHSSecretary@hq.dhs.gov; Facebook:; Twitter: and demand that the ICE Detention Center be shut down immediately and that the detained inmates be released to the community.

 TALK UP THE REVELATIONS IN TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS—Conventional wisdom among many is that “nothing matters” when it comes to Trump’s support among segments of the electorate. But the evidence suggests that this is not true, and an important way to increase the chances that Trump’s tax returns will hurt him in the election is to keep the issue before the public, Here are five key takeaways on Trump’s tax returns, (yes, that link’s correct), an information on how his gargantuan debts make him a national security risk,’s not let this issue fade. Let’s talk it up every chance we get, including on social media, from here until election day.



ART RESISTANCE TO ENCOURAGE MAIL IN VOTING: In 2020, artists making political statements have typically done so on the streets, with murals, protest placards or by knocking down old monuments. But much overlooked is the envelope as a place for art. Since a stamp symbolizes the mail-in vote, it has come to represent a form of resistance, a form of direct action. The New York non-profit TRANS> has created a stamp project called “These Times”.  The project, which will premiere both online and in sticker format, features 50 artists and institutions who stress the urgency of voting.  Let’s share this and get our own plan ready for our mail in ballot

 MAKE PHONE CALLS TO INDEPENDENT AND INFREQUENT DEM VOTERS IN FL:  Florida is a key state in this election, and we need every Blue vote we can get to win.

Broward for Progress  has a way for us to help by calling  Independent voters and  infrequent Democratic voters in Broward county and sharing our stories, why we are fighting for our Democracy and to getting  them to use their power and help, to VOTE. There are regular training sessions twice a week and they are about to open more days up so even if we can’t make it during the listed times, they will help us find a way to make it work.  We can learn more and sign up here:

 HOST A VIRTUAL LETTER WRITING PARTY: “Swing Left is working with Vote Forward to help volunteers write letters from home or host Virtual Letter Writing Parties. Our Swing Left groups and volunteers have pioneered in-person letter writing parties that have resulted in millions of letters, and now they will lead us in hosting virtual parties, too.”  Let’ read and sign up:


 MAKE VIDEOS TO SHOW HOW BIDEN WILL CHANGE OUR LIVES FOR THE BETTER:  To show people how their lives can change for the better, Mark Ruffalo and the Black Male VoterProject  have started the #WithBidenWeCan social media campaign. We can click here to see their video of voters talking about important issues that impact their lives, then using that hashtag, make, post and share ones of our own on social media:


 MAKE CALLS TO PA FOR BIDEN/HARRIS:  In 2016, Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by razor thin margins — 44,292 votes among 8,000,000+ voters. Let’s help change that: 

 INDIVISIBLE WINDIVISIBLE:  Indivisible has created Windivisible as a way we can help create a blue wave.  “For the last four years, Indivisibles have taken action to defeat the Trump agenda. You marched, you showed up at airports. You held die-ins to beat back Trumpcare, and visited district offices so often that some corrupt representatives decided to run and hide rather than face you! You built the Blue Wave to take back the House and rallied from border to border to #DefundHate. Now it is time to beat Trump, flip the Senate, and build a truly inclusive democracy.”  They’ve created a way for us to phonebank, textbank, or write letters to help elect Dems.  Let’s check it out and sign up:

 DONATE TO BIDEN CAMPAIGN: “Joe Biden’s campaign netted $3.8 million in fundraising in one hour as the first debate with President Trump aired Tuesday night, a campaign official told Axios.”  Let’s join in the effort:  


 HOST A VOTER REGISTRATION EVENT WITH ROCK THE VOTE: Help make an impact by registering voters! Sign up to join thousands of others making a difference in their communities and gain access to Rock the Vote’s voter registration drive toolkit.  Let’s check it out:


 ELECTION DEFENDERS: The Movement for Black Lives is enlisting “Election Defenders”; they will be trained to provide safe supports for voting (such as PPE and water) as well as to offer election & voter defense; they hope to de-escalate right-wing intimidation tactics and will contact a network of groups and lawyers, if and where trouble arises.  Given what happened at the Fairfax VA polls in mid-September–  — the avowed intention of Republicans to recruit tens of thousands of unofficial “poll watchers”– –and Trump’s call out to the Proud Boys in the first presidential debate– —perhaps we should all sign up for training and prepare to defend this election: 

HELPING FLORIDA FELONS VOTE:  The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition is helping former felons with outstanding fines and fees complete their sentence so they are eligible to vote.  We can donate here:     

 VOTER SUPPRESSION: “Voter intimidation has no place in a fair election. It’s hard to counter it the press has a hard time keeping track of a large number of instances. Trolls and bots often swamp Facebook with false reports that it amplifies. Hotlines get overloaded with numerous calls. A simple way for voters to report incidents of voter suppression is needed which can screen and prioritize reports and alert the public, influencers, the press and groups working to protect voting rights. The solution has report results in real-time and be able to handle very large volumes of reports.”  Let’s read and share:


 NEW YORK CITY:  Almost 100,000 Brooklyn voters received envelopes with the wrong name and address; were they signed and returned, they would  be invalidated, since the printed name and the required signature wouldn’t match:  Theoretically, the notoriously inept NYC Board of Elections will replace these; meantime, while they clearly provided no oversight, they are blaming the printing company to which they granted a no-bid contract.  The Board urges these voters and others with problems to call them, but those who have tried either get no answer or find themselves on a 60 or 80 call queue.  New Yorkers must demand that elections be run competently and fairly.  Let’s call our city council members, contact the Board’s Executive Director Michael J. Ryan at 32-42 Broadway, 7th Floor, NY, NY 10004 or 212-487-5400, and tell Mayor de Blasio by using this website: or calling 311 or writing City Hall, NY, NY 10007


 “VOTE SAVE AMERICA: ONE MONTH OUT KICKOFF”:  Tonight, Oct. 1 from 8-9ET, Crooked Media is hosting a pep assembly for those us working hard this last month.  “Everything we do from here on out helps us drive up the numbers to deliver a decisive win and send a clear message to Donald Trump and his GOP enablers that they can’t silence our voices and deny our rights. So join Vote Save America as we kick off the final month of the election.”  Let’s sign up here for a dose of encouragement to push us through:

ACTIVISM 101 WEBINAR:  Jess Craven, of Chop Wood Carry Water, is continuing her Activism 101 sessions! Activism 101 is a free, one-hour (ish) webinar for folks who have very little to no experience with activism and/or political action. It’s a survey course with one goal: to give those who are furious and sickened by the state of our, bite-sized actions they can take to help vote Trump out, flip the Senate, win a bunch of down-ballot races, and basically make good things happen in November and beyond. Workshop will be led by Jessica Craven who is a mom, veteran activist, elected member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee, legislative chair of her Moms Demand Action chapter, and the author of daily actions email “Chop Wood, Carry Water.”  Let’s grab a few friends and inquire about times:  

 WOMEN’S MARCH ON OCTOBER 17: “The Women’s March organization is planning a nationwide protest next month [Oct. 17] opposing President Trump and his move to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court.”  Let’s sign up and be part of this action:


You Literally Can’t Believe The Facts Tucker Carlson Tells You. So Say Fox’s Lawyers –

 Proud Boys celebrate after Trump’s debate callout –

 “What would Ruth do?”: A feminist pioneer on what Justice Ginsburg meant to her –

 Trump administration pressured CDC to play down risks of reopening schools: report –

We can stay up to date on Congress by checking out their schedules. a) The House publishes a weekly schedule at The Weekly Leader (published and dated Friday) as well as daily schedules at The Daily Leader. b) The Senate updates their schedule daily at the Senate Floor Schedule

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