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Fight FOX propaganda. Strengthen the FCC

Fight FOX propaganda. Strengthen the FCC FOX News spreads conspiracy theories to sell ads while attacking the FCC – the federal agency that regulates media outlets like FOX. “The FCC is currently deadlocked


Veterans Deserve Better

Veterans deserve better Why do Republicans who claim to care for veterans, block $5 billion allocated for the VA and veterans’ care? Deny veterans their right to vote? This Veteran’s Day check


Republicans Push Taxation Without Representation

Republicans push taxation without representation Republicans push taxation without representation but still want to collect taxes. That didn’t work well for British royalty. The British enriched themselves off American colonies without doing


Make Your Own Fundraising Video for Free

Make your own fundraising video for free Fundraising videos is a chicken-and-egg challenge for grassroots groups. Can they afford to make a fundraising video? How much money will it raise? Will that


Capitol Riot Coverup: Cartoon Edition

Capitol riot coverup: cartoon edition “Trump demanded that Republicans in Congress oppose the creation of a bipartisan Commission to investigate the events of January 6.” – Popular Info 175 Republicans in Congress led by Kevin McCarthy

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