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Zoom Event: Amendments To Florida’s Constitution On The November Ballot

Speaker change! Any Keith of LWV Voter Services and Election Protection will be our Guest!

RSVP for zoom link:

Presentation and Q and A, October 5, 2020, 6pm

Facebook Event Link:

Join us for this Indivisible FL 13 event with guest speaker, Amy Keith, 2nd VP of the League of Woman Voters, St Petersburg Area. Amy is with Voter Services and one of the county leads in the nationwide Election Protection program. We are fortunate to have her as as our speaker.

Amy will discuss each amendment and answer your questions.

Our votes will determine which amendments will become part of the Florida constitution. Even if you are familiar with them, this is a chance to check your understanding and ask questions. Your mail in ballots should be received by the time of this event.

Make your vote an informed one that will count on important issues.

League Of Women Voters Voter Guide

The League Of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area has produced a helpful online voters guide with descriptions of the candidates and issues.

The guide can be found at:

Wave Signs, Phone Bank, Be a Poll Monitor, Help a Candidate!

Indivisible FL-13 had made a web page to let people know what actions are available that they can take part in including sign waving, phone banking and distributing literature via door hangers.  The web site is at (for 13th Congressional District). 

If you have an action that you want to get out there, contact Mike Thomas at with the information

Relax America, Florida’s got this.

An essay by Indivisible FL-13 Organizer Scott Brown
Sure, we didn’t cover ourselves with glory back in 2000 with Bush v. Gore. And, yeah, we did hand Trump the Presidency in 2016 by 112,000 votes. But, thanks to some good government work by Republicans, we have a system that is decidedly dictator-proof.

First of all, voting by mail here is a venerable Florida tradition that has been supported by Republicans for a generation. Of the 13.6 million registered voters in the state, five million or more will receive a ballot in the mail for the upcoming election.

There are 700,000 more Democrats who vote by mail than Republicans. We can thank Trump for that. So, unless the pandemic, failing economy, racial unrest, international embarrassment, self-dealing and kinky love for dictators has stimulated a whole new crop of MAGA types, Trump is going to lose Florida by a lot.

This is where Trump brays “Rrrrrrrrigged! It was Rrrrrrrrigged!” (I wonder if he is getting speech training from the “Ruffles have Ridges guy.”)

The mail-in ballots will be sent to voters next Tuesday. When they are returned to the county Supervisors of Election they will be logged in (we can check online) and…wait for it…COUNTED. Yes. Mail ballot counting starts a minimum of 21 days before election day in Florida. Thanks Republicans! When November 3rd rolls around, there will be 5 million votes already counted and Trump will be down by at least a million votes in Florida.

Tallying up the early votes and the Election Day votes in Florida will be a piece of cake and Steve Kornacki will be painting Florida blue before bedtime.

So Trump won’t be able to declare himself the winner in Florida (because he lost) and he won’t be able to stop the ballot counting (because they already will be counted).

Trump can’t even sue. Florida law mandates a machine recount only if the margin of victory is less than 0.5%. So, unless Biden wins by less than about 65,000 votes– there will be no recount. Florida statute does not allow candidates or the public to sue for a recount. If Biden can win the election by more than one half of one percent, we will know on election night that Biden will be our next President.

But what if Trump attempts to get Republican legislatures to overturn the vote in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan (where Biden currently leads in the polls)?

With Florida and traditionally blue states adding up to 270 electoral votes, Biden will already have won. He doesn’t need WI, OH, PA and MI. How many Republican legislators are going to trash the U.S. Constitution in a ham-handed and pointless attempt to turn over an election that Biden has already won? Those guys can live to fight another day. Trump, on the other hand, may need to start making travel arrangements to Moscow.

Donald Trump came into office paying off hookers, settling a $25 million class action fraud suit, telling his supporters not to believe their lying eyes about the Access Hollywood tapes and hiring a gang of pre-felons to run his campaign.

He will leave office with an inept attempt to invalidate an election, trash the Constitution and take over control of the United States of America by subverting the electorate, the legislature and the judicial system.

His time in the Oval Office has been consistently fetid and will be the unseemly grist for historians’ mills for the next century as Trump’s place as America’s worst President is firmly established.

Trumping likely will become a verb. My British friends tell me it already is. It refers to the passing of gas.

Check Your Voter Status!

I don’t think that readers of this newsletter need to be told why but we’re asking you to check your voter status and encourage your friends and acquaintances to as well. Make sure your address is correct and update your signature if necessary. We’re running out of time. Go to and make sure you’re ready to vote on November 3rd.

There is still time to register to vote. The voter registration deadline is October 5.

Indivisible FL-13 Contact Information:

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Florida 13 Congressperson Phone Numbers:

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