This Patriot Calls for Trump’s Resignation

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Just when you think there is a bottom with this president, Trump does something to show that for him, no bottom exists. The Atlantic story made clear just how much Trump disrespects the military. He called the fallen soldiers — who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms — “losers” and “suckers” and said that he doesn’t want the wounded to march in his parade. What kind of a commander in chief is he to have such disdain for our military and veterans? There are tapes of Trump calling generals “pussies,” and he has posted tweets that insulted war heroes and POW John McCain. Trump’s track record shows his disrespect for veterans, so I do believe he said these awful things about our military and vets.

Today’s right is confused about what patriotism is. It’s not loving or worshiping the flag: it’s standing up for those who serve, for the Constitution, and for our values of freedom, and holding our leaders accountable when they violate the law.

A real patriot stands up to the enemies of our country, foreign and domestic. Quite frankly, I believe that Trump is an enemy of America.

Aside from Trump’s hostility towards the heroes who defend our country, he’s publicly lied to the American people about this pandemic that has killed close to 200,000 Americans so far. I can’t help but think how many Americans would be alive today if he had told us from the beginning how serious it was, if he had worn a mask and encouraged social distancing, if he had told people that it’s not a violation of their rights to do these things. I can’t help but think that his actions were deliberate. 

Trump is also taking advantage of the presidential elections by spreading misinformation about mail-in voting, claiming it’s fraudulent and should be illegal. He hopes to intimidate voters so they won’t vote by mail, knowing Democrats are leery of going to polling places because of the pandemic. 

Real patriotism is not being afraid to call for the resignation of this tyrannical president, Donald Trump. That’s why I, a military vet who has served in the United States Army and been deployed to Afghanistan, uphold the oath I took when I enlisted to defend the Constitution, and call for the resignation of Mike Pence and Donald Trump.  

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  1. Thank You for your service David Weissman, and May God Bless You! You are absolutely correct. If we can’t believe his own words, what should we believe? His lies, I think not. Truth always comes to light. Again, thank you for your sacrifice, for leaving your family to protect us all.

  2. Thank you, David Weissman, both for your service before and this service now.
    “Patriotism” isn’t love for a flag or song.
    It’s love for one’s family, neighbors and that means all neighbors near and far, all over the country.
    That love is shown by upholding laws that help us coexist and changing the laws that harm, intentionally or otherwise, our neighbors.

    Veteran, Vietnam era (yup, been around a while)

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